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Easy fax messaging to more than 170 countries

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MetroFax makes sending and receiving fax messages fast, affordable and easy whether you’re at home, in the office or traveling. The program is compatible with any internet-connected device, including Android and Apple cell phones. Ideal users are individuals and businesses who want to cut the cord from expensive fax machines and dedicated phone lines.


  • +

    No dedicated fax lines

  • +

    Scales with your business

  • +

    No long-distance charges within Canada and the U.S.


  • -

    Rates outside of the US and Canada apply

  • -

    Automatic billing is required

  • -

    Can be costly for international clients

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Fax machines will seem like antiquated wastes of space once you start using MetroFax as your mobile fax machine. The service allows you to send and receive fax messages from a dedicated fax number using any computer or mobile device with internet access. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars by not purchasing a fax machine, but you won’t need to pay for paper, ink, toner and other fax supplies.

MetroFax offers three service plans, starting at less than $10 per month for up to 500 fax pages. Plans support up to 2,500 fax pages per account, and each account can integrate up to five email addresses free of charge. Low monthly subscriptions make the service affordable for businesses of all sizes, but keep in mind that international charges will increase the cost for some users. There are no long-distance charges for phone numbers within the US and Canada.

MetroFax: Features

  • Allows up to 2,500 faxed pages per account
  • Up to five email addresses per fax number
MetroFax: Key Features

Deployment: Web, mobile

Training: Online demos, tutorials

Support: Phone, fax, online chat

MetroFax allows you to send and receive fax messages from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. You read the messages on your screen or through email rather than printing them out, so you save money on paper, toner and ink cartridges while turning your fax machine into a mobile resource that is available in more than 170 countries.

There are no set-up fees or surprise charges on your bill. Pay one monthly subscription rate, depending on how many pages you send and receive each month. As your business or fax needs grow, you can increase your plan for easy scalability. Charges are never based on processing times, so one page is one page regardless of how long it takes to send or receive.

MetroFax review: Design and usability

  • No contracts
  • Upload contacts list

MetroFax eliminates all hardware and frees you to send and receive faxes while exploring the world. You can receive fax messages from the office, while relaxing at home or take your work with you to other countries. Just pay competitive international fax rates when sending or receiving fax messages outside of the US and Canada.

You can set up a new MetroFax account in just minutes. The system is highly intuitive and requires a minimal learning curve. Online demos and tutorials allow you to understand all features, including the CSV-formatted contacts list. You can upload your contacts to save time when sending messages to your favorites. You can also generate reports for your own review and record-keeping. 

MetroFax review: Performance

  • Process multiple pages simultaneously
  • US-based support team

MetroFax never requires you to share phone numbers with other users. You will have one dedicated number, and you can choose a local or toll-free number. Each registered number can coordinate with up to five email addresses, allowing a small team to share one account easily. You even have the option to coordinate your fax program with Microsoft Office, allowing you to quickly store fax messages along with other business files.

Missing important messages because too many people demand your time at once is a thing of the past with internet-based fax messaging and receiving multiple fax pages at once is no problem with MetroFax as your number will never present a busy signal, preventing you from receiving fax messages. You can also send and receive messages simultaneously, making this a highly competitive paid fax program for busy professional teams.

If you experience problems while using MetroFax, there is an American support team standing by. Technical support is supplied through phone or online chat, and the MetroFax website offers detailed video tutorials and demos that will help you troubleshoot any problems on your own.

Should I buy MetroFax?

MetroFax is an affordable option for businesses and individuals who aren’t satisfied with free virtual fax services. The ideal customer is someone who wants to receive fax messages on the go while maintaining a dedicated phone number that can receive multiple fax pages at once. 

The service plans are affordable and can easily grow along with a startup or small business. Each account receives a dedicated fax number and can integrate with up to five email addresses. Service easily scales with your business.

For users sending and receiving fax messages within the US or Canada, there are no charges beyond the monthly fee. International users will pay added charges for faxes sent outside of the US and Canada, but there are no setup fees or added charges for slow fax transmissions. However, if you find yourselves with a large number of clients overseas then perhaps this isn’t for you.

One really good thing about MetroFax is that users are never forced to sign a contract, making this one of the more affordable and transparent virtual fax services available today. What’s more, you can take advantage of free demos and the no-hassle 30-day free trial, which allows full access to all its features for a full month. Then you can make up your mind whether this really is the service for you.

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