OpenText Fax2Mail review

OpenText Fax2Mail is a cloud-based fax service that digs deep into analytics

OpenText Fax2Mail review
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Fax2Mail leverages cloud computing to provide you with enhanced fax messaging reliability, availability and security. It’s a service that lets you offload your IT team from the entire fax function while helping align fax services with the business goals and strategic direction of your enterprise.


  • +

    Integrates with your own IT software

  • +

    Low-cost Cloud messaging solution

  • +

    Industry standard 128-bit encryption


  • -

    Confusion over costs

  • -

    The pressure to use other services

  • -

    Reliant on global offices for phone numbers

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OpenText Fax2Mail focuses on larger corporate companies who like to compare open rates and pore over analytics. It’s possible to apply for a demo and a customer service operative will talk you through the various pricing offers. By way of example, if a company used 1,500 faxes a month these would have a per rate cost of 7 cents. This amount would be adjusted based on actual usage. There is also a monthly charge of around $15 to factor in.

Help is available regardless of time zone, with a number of offices around the world and contact via email. And the fax analytics is truly one of a kind. What’s more, you can personally control your Fax2Mail account through a secure web interface that provides centralized administration, reporting, user management, cover sheet management, billing attributes as well as delivery report options.

OpenText Fax2Mail review: Features

  • Increase productivity with digital faxing directly from the desktop
  • Transmit faxes via the cloud through Xerox 8700 MFPs
OpenText Fax2Mail: Key Features

Deployment: Cloud delivered through SAP, Web

Support: Email and phone

Mobile apps: Yes, iOS and Android

While OpenText Fax2Mail uses a lot of the same facilities as other fax suppliers, its main feature has to be its analytics. Here Fax2Mail will provide summarized and detailed information about the transaction and delivery of faxed messages. Using sophisticated data visualization tools, customers can instantly and easily assess the current state or view up to one year of detailed history for three key performance indicators, message volume, message deliverability, and system performance.

Available through OpenText MyPortal, analytics for Fax2Mail provides a quick-view dashboard that visually conveys the current day’s performance in all three categories with the ability to view data for each of these for the past month, by day, or down to the individual message and allows users to export data for further investigation.

OpenText Fax2Mail review: Design and usability

  • Streamlined thanks to the Microsoft Active Directory synchronization
  • Easy and fast access to fax volume, page counts and delivery information

Fax2Mail is a cloud-based, cost-effective document delivery solution that works with your current infrastructure. You can send and receive faxes as electronic messages directly from your email account – anytime, anywhere. There are no hidden costs for maintenance, upgrades, capacity expansion or redundancy. 

Thanks to its user analytics capabilities, you can see via the MyPortal dashboard exactly where your fax has been, who has opened it and what the results were. Something that companies with marketing departments would love to get their hands on. It also means you can identify exceptions earlier, allowing corrective action to be taken sooner and to prevent messaging delays

It is incredibly easy to use from the Desktop, and an optional Microsoft Office toolbar lets you also send attachments from Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

OpenText Fax2Mail review: Performance

  • Optional Microsoft Office toolbar lets you send attachments from Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • A full suite of SOAP-based XML APIs for easy integration into virtually any application requiring customization or automation

This is a system that promises that you can fax at volumes that meet your business needs. Fax2Mail offers more capacity and infrastructure than most organizations can comfortably purchase in-house, with a proprietary network consisting of tens of thousands of fax ports that scale to support large data transmissions and peak periods.

It also gives you the ability to capture all of your faxes via email in the form of an attachment, so only the intended recipient sees the fax. Additionally, faxes can be received 24/7, even on laptops and mobile devices, whether you are in the office or traveling. That eliminates sensitive information from sitting on the fax machine for hours or days.

The Fax2Mail platform prides itself on handling data for some of the largest enterprises in the world, handling more than five million faxes daily.

Should you buy OpenText Fax2Mail

OpenText Fax2Mail is perfect if, as a company, you find yourself spending too much money managing your own fax infrastructure. It bills itself as a low-cost cloud messaging solution that can transform your business and it definitely can. If you’re looking for a simple no-frills solution, this probably isn’t it.

What it is is an all-singing, all-dancing, analytical dream for marketers or companies with a high volume of fax traffic that need to see if they’re getting results. By using their own personal dashboards they can monitor and track both deliverables and open rates, ensuring that this safe and secure form of communication is used to its full potential. 

Using cloud computing, it provides you with enhanced fax messaging reliability and security. Whether you’ll be sacking your IT team is another matter, but Fax2Mail is just one of the OpenText solutions that can be provided based on industry or performance options.

While these other benefits on offer might prove useful to the larger companies, for a smaller organization looking to send through just a few faxes a month the facilities that are on offer might simply be wasted and ultimately cost money.

While pricing can vary depending on the company, it’s worth noting that Fax2Mail will essentially help you to eliminate capital costs, software fees, telecom charges and ongoing maintenance thanks to its 100% cloud-based solution. Although you will have to factor a charge of around $15 per month to use the service, plus charges per fax sent. Still, for a larger organization, it’s certainly a cost saving solution.

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