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SRFax offers great value for money for companies who send large volumes of faxes

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SRFax is an excellent option for companies who rely on faxing as a form of marketing. The range of plans is varied and makes the service good value for money for businesses of all sizes, with different solutions for most volumes of faxes. However, there is no free plan, so it is not the most efficient solution for companies who rarely need to send or receive faxes. The service can be integrated with a custom API, or users can use email integration as well as the company’s online faxing portal.


  • +

    60-day free trial for most plans

  • +

    Ability to schedule and store faxes

  • +

    Send faxes from any device


  • -

    No free option

  • -

    Nine email address limit per phone number

  • -

    Fixed plans with additional faxes charged per page

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SRFax is one of the best online fax services you can buy in 2020. It offers a secure solution for companies who need to send and receive faxes. This web-based system enables companies to receive faxes to a personalized fax number and send them from your standard email inbox, or their website. 

Email integration means that users are able to send and receive fax correspondence from any device that is able to display emails.

The service is geared more towards companies who rely quite heavily on faxing and there is no free plan for occasional users. The most affordable plan starts at $3.29 per month and allows for up to 25 pages to be sent or received. This can be connected to up to nine email addresses. 

The highest-volume packages come out at $45.95 per month, enabling users to send up to 2,500 pages per month, with multiple fax numbers, and offers the option of a 60-day free trial too.

SRFax review: Features

  • Versatile plans to suit most budgets
  • Secure faxing suitable for most sectors including healthcare
  • Unlimited storage
SRFax: Key features

Deployment: Cloud, Web

Training: Downloadable classes

Support: 24/7 - online

Mobile apps: No, but can be used from usual email app

SRFax allows users to send a fax to email and email to fax. Users can send and receive faxes online from their office computer or phone while on the go. The electronic fax services are SSL encrypted for personal use, business enterprise solutions and they are a HIPAA-compliant fax service for doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Users are also able to use the platform’s online portal to send and receive faxes, as well as being able to store unlimited numbers of faxes securely. Their customer care team is based in British Columbia, Canada and is available 24/7 to answer any questions and help with setup when required.

SRFax’s robust data encryption process is trusted by healthcare and legal professionals and its HIPAA-compliant fax plans meet all industry standard security requirements. There is also a scheduling option that allows companies who use faxing for marketing to schedule faxes to be sent to up to 50 recipients in one go, saving time and making the process more cost-effective.

SRFax review: Design and usability

  • Web-based platform
  • Email integration
  • Can be used on mobile

SRFax has downloadable classes available, developed by the company and its online community, to help companies speed up their development cycle. They are available in some of the most popular languages, such as PHP, C#, and Ruby.

The online fax software is easily integrated into a current infrastructure by using internet fax API in the company’s application development. SRFax also offers users the ability to send and receive faxes using its custom RESTful fax API. 

This means that any application can easily be fax enabled due to that Fax API. Faxes can also simply be sent and received by email or via the SRFax online portal.

SRFax review: Performance

  • Unlimited storage
  • HIPAA compliant fax plans
  • Environmentally friendly

Each fax is delivered quickly, taking just a few seconds to send securely. For those that don’t for whatever reason, there will be an error message in the online account.

The solution offers an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to paper faxing, for companies of all sizes. Files are secured with SSL and PGP encryption and accounts are password protected. 

Users are also able to save all of the faxes they send and receive online, meaning there is a lower chance of a crucial document being misplaced and unable to be traced.

The company also offers tailor-made plans for companies with specific needs and is able to cater to businesses operating in the health and legal sectors because their service is HIPAA compliant.

Should I buy SRFax?

There are a few more things to consider about SRFax, before you'll be ready to answer that question.

SRFax has a 24/7 live customer care and the service is happy to help clients with setting up the service and training staff members. Solutions can be integrated within custom-built applications, or users can opt to use their web portal or email integration.

The service offers a secure alternative to traditional faxing, with files being encrypted when sent via the service. Users are also able to securely store all faxes sent and received using the service, adding an extra level of security. 

SRFax can offer solutions that offer sufficient security for them to be used by healthcare professionals, hospitals and the legal sector.

Faxes can be scheduled for up to 50 recipients at a time, so it’s a great fit for companies who use fax as a means of marketing. Recipients and senders can be located in any country worldwide, making it a versatile solution for global companies. And accounts can be set up to include multiple fax numbers and multiple users for each fax number. 

This means that SRFax is versatile enough to suit most forms of a company setup, with each department being able to use a separate number if desired.

SRFax is a fax service that works both domestically and internationally. However, it may not be the right solution for your company if you have need for only light fax use. If your company relies more heavily on faxing, then these solutions could absolutely be right for you, with an excellent range of plans to suit all sizes of businesses.

What other online fax services are available?

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