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Pros / The software's clean interface makes it easy to navigate both the online platform and mobile app.

Cons / The service does not let you schedule faxes to be sent at a future time.

 Verdict / MetroFax is a good faxing service with many features to meet most needs.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

MetroFax earns high marks on our faxing services list for its high number of pages you can send and receive and for the many practical features it offers. The service is simple to set up, and you can send faxes from a computer, smartphone or web-based dashboard. It wins our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

This best fax service has international faxing, mobile fax alerts, and toll-free and local fax numbers available. It lacks 24-hour customer support and a feature to schedule faxes to be sent a future time.

Sending Faxes

MetroFax offers a good set of basic features with each of its plans. You can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada without long-distance fees, and you can receive faxes through MetroFax at your own dedicated fax number. This fax service offers toll-free and local numbers, and it lets you bring your current number with you. You can use the allotted number of pages in any combination of incoming or outgoing faxes.

MetroFax provides all the standard security features in its basic faxing package. By default, the service encrypts all transmissions using SSL or TSL encryption, which ensures your faxes remain secure and accessible only to the intended recipients. The service only resorts to a basic SMTP (email) transmission if the recipient's mail server cannot accept encrypted transmissions.

We found that most of the fax tools provided by MetroFax are easy to install and use. We had no problems sending faxes through the MetroFax app or its dashboard. In our hands-on tests, we found the dashboard was well labeled and user intuitive. In a matter of minutes, we had created our account and begun sending faxes. The mobile app was just as easy to install and use.

Page Usage

MetroFax's Value package is appealing to a wide range of users because it offers a high number of fax pages for a competitive monthly price. For potential customers with faxing needs that are less or more demanding, the service also has an entry-level Essential plan and Professional plan. The Essential package provides 500 fax pages. You can choose a higher-priced plan and receive a higher monthly fax limit. Each plan has an annual option, which can provide significant savings over paying monthly.

MetroFax charges only 3 cents for over-the-limit pages, which is lower than what many online fax services charge – as much as 10 cents per page. This service works with Gmail, Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications. If you are the type of person who is never quite sure how many pages you need to send and receive, MetroFax could be a good option.

Receiving Faxes

The security for MetroFax's online faxing is top-notch and allows you to block senders from sending an abundance of spam. Another benefit of the receiving portion of this service is that your smartphone is sent notifications of any new incoming fax, which is helpful for after-business hours. 

Received faxes are automatically converted to TIFF or PDF formats, which means that you can open and view documents no matter what format they were originally sent in. When you use the fax service online, your documents are stored for up to one year. If you wish to keep them longer, you can download them and store them on your desktop or in the cloud.

Customer Support

MetroFax offers toll-free telephone and email technical support and useful online resources. Existing customers can take advantage of the information in the comprehensive knowledgebase and of the demos and tutorials to learn more about how to use the service. You can find articles and other resources in the knowledgebase by searching for specific keywords and terms.


MetroFax offers a good, basic internet fax service at a great price. You can send faxes from almost anywhere using MetroFax – even from your cell phone or personal digital assistant. The service suits the needs of most small businesses and individuals who send and receive faxes.

MetroFax Essential Visit Site