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Pros / TrustFax gives you 300 fax pages to use as you need.

Cons / This service does not allow you to schedule faxes.

 Verdict / While the service is more expensive than many of the alternatives, TrustFax has an intuitive interface and convenient features that will get you up and running quickly.

TrustFax offers many features, such as local and toll-free fax numbers, and a convenient online control panel to manage your account. The online fax service securely stores any kind of file you want to fax for 30 days. It also provides a qualified, responsive customer service team and has a wide range of small-business plans available.

TrustFax provides several service options, including a monthly plan and a yearly payment option that saves you cash if you pay upfront. The fax service has a 30-day storage limit for faxes. The company offers upgraded storage plans at reasonable rates. With TrustFax, you don't have to sign any contracts, so you can cancel at any time. If you need to upgrade your fax plan, you can do so without having to change your fax number.

The monthly subscription charges $12.99 per month. This subscription fee is one of the highest in comparison to the other fax services on our lineup. Although, the plan includes 300 faxed pages you can either send or receive. Beyond that, the service charges 10 cents per page. It also begins charging seven cents per minute if your fax takes over two minutes to send. Depending on the size of the faxes you send, this fee can start to add up.

TrustFax's plan allows international faxing for a standard fee. It's often necessary to sign documents, and TrustFax enables web-based digital signatures. The internet fax service lets you send multiple documents in one fax and has an automatic re-send feature, should a fax not go through. However, TrustFax doesn't allow you to schedule a fax to be sent at a future time.

While TrustFax isn't too hard to master, it provides many of the same advanced features found with higher-ranked faxing services, including international faxing and the ability to incorporate an electronic signature. It also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to send a fax from your email system, much in the same way you compose and send an email.

This fax service has excellent customer service and support. The company offers 24-hour email support and toll-free telephone support during business hours. It has a convenient user forum. These options ensure that you're always within reach of either a helpful employee or an experienced TrustFax user. This faxing service offers online help with comprehensive FAQs and a fax glossary as well.


TrustFax offers aggressive rates and flexible storage options coupled with a dependable customer service team. The yearly plan is an excellent choice for small businesses that prefer email but still have clients that require a fax option. TrustFax gives you a combined fax total of 300 faxes, so you aren't trapped into a smaller received- or sent-only limit.

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