Pros / You can purchase each document tool separately so you're only paying for the tools you need.

Cons / You cannot optimize PDFs for mobile devices.

 Verdict / With the ability to purchase separate modules for most of its document tools, PDF Architect is one of the most cost-effective programs on our top 10 list. However, it lacks several advanced features, thereby limiting its usefulness.

PDF Architect Professional includes all of the modules you need to successfully create, edit and convert documents to PDFs. The Professional package offers conversion, editing, and reviewing tools as well as forms and security features. You can, however, purchase the modules individually to create a more cost-effective PDF converter. While PDF Architect is a capable PDF converter, it lacks some convenience features that would improve the overall usability of the program.

This PDF converter requires you to download it to your desktop, which limits when and where you can use the program. It does not have an associated app, but it integrates with several cloud services so you can access files from multiple devices. During testing, we converted PDFs into Word documents. With its startup wizard and clean interface, we were able to convert multiple documents with ease.

This convert PDF software has a batch conversion tool that allows you to convert a large number of documents at once. The program recognizes up to eight different languages. While this is significantly less than the best PDF converters, we found the program converted documents with a high degree of accuracy.

Once you've created your PDFs, PDF Architect comes with several collaboration tools. You can black out or redact text to protect sensitive information. The software also allows you to compare different versions of the same document. This tool is useful in both verifying an accurate conversion and to evaluate changes other people have made to the document.

This program supports several file formats. You can convert documents to Microsoft Office formats, HTML, text files and image formats. Although, it does not convert to ePub format. It also allows you to create custom optimizations. After you create a PDF, you can optimize it for downloading and viewing on websites. However, the software does not optimize for mobile devices. It also lacks drag-and-drop editing, which allows you to easily rearrange the order of a PDF.

While the application was easy to use and navigate, the company's website features several support options to help you learn how to use the program. You can access user forums, manuals, frequently asked questions and tutorials. You also can contact the technical support team with direct questions by either phone or email.

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PDF Architect's Professional package features all of the document tools you need in its modules. While it may lack more advanced features that improve the usability of the program, such as converting to ePub formats and mobile optimization, the software is nevertheless easy to use.

PDF Architect Pro 4 + OCR Visit Site

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