No matter what kind of router you have, its range can only extend so far, resulting in irritating internet dead spots. These areas of  no man s land  are the primary reason you need Wi-Fi booster. Most routers aren t capable of producing a strong enough wireless signal to encompass every room in your home or office. Some areas are bound to have a weak connection, if any at all. When used correctly, a wireless repeater can harness your network s wireless signal and break through the edge of its reach   some increasing your range by up to 5,000 square feet. These fantastic devices are even capable of upgrading your B or G router to wireless-N technology. But the real question is how to ensure you get the most out of your Wi-Fi booster? We ve done the research and have a few helpful tips and tricks to optimize your extended wireless network.

Wi-Fi Booster Placement
In a large home or office it is essential to place your Wi-Fi booster in a spot that will optimize its reach and maximize the Wi-Fi coverage. Some wireless repeaters, like the Netgear WN2000RPT, have a built-in feature that will indicate an ideal location for the unit with LED lights on the device. As you walk around the area that needs a boost, the lights will show which spot will give you a better range. If you happen to purchase a wireless range extender that doesn t have this feature, a good rule of thumb is to place the unit halfway between your router and the edge of its reach.

Router Placement
You may even want to reconsider the placement of your router. Interfering objects may be the problem your current router is facing right now. Everyday devices like microwaves, radios and neighboring Wi-Fi devices get in the way of a wireless internet signal. Some interferences occur naturally, like changes in the weather, and may only manifest once a week or once a month. These natural interferences will be there no matter what you do, so getting rid of them isn t the answer; rebroadcasting the signal with a Wi-Fi booster is the answer.

The technology behind repeating a wireless signal can help push past the distractions to your wireless devices in need of an wireless connection. If your router is in a spot with a nearby microwave, wireless video camera, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones or the like, we would suggest placing your Wi-Fi booster in an area with as few sources of interference as possible.

Matching Routers and Wi-Fi Boosters
There is some truth behind brand matching with your electronics   especially when it comes to your router and Wi-Fi booster. If you have the same brand of both, it will be easier for them to work seamlessly together. A good relationship between devices means a quicker connection and fewer headaches in the long run. Luckily, most router manufacturers also offer at least one Wi-Fi booster.

In the end, your wireless network connection can only get better with the addition of a Wi-Fi repeater. Most claim to double your network s reach, but depending on your situation, this number can go either up or down. Follow our tips and you should start getting better connection results in no time.

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