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Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 Review

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PROS / This card has a good core clock speed and runs quietly.

CONS / The GPU isn't as powerful as those of higher-end graphics cards.

 VERDICT / The GTX 760 is a good option if you want solid gaming performance at 1080p.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 is certainly not as powerful as its bigger siblings, the GTX 770 and 780, but this graphics card has enough power to run most modern games at the highest settings. You might not get a solid 60 fps, but you'll stay well above 30 fps. Nvidia positioned the 760 at the entryway to high-end gaming, and it fits that role quite well.

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We tested across many games for our graphics card comparison, and the GTX 760 fares decently. Combining the average frame rate across all of the games, played at the highest settings, the GTX 760 achieves an overall average of 57.2 fps. This score isn't particularly high, but it's respectable – especially at the GTX 760's price point. You wouldn't want to game at higher resolutions with this card. If you do, you can expect around 27 fps at 2160p.

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  2. 9 Nvidia GeForce GTX 760
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This Nvidia graphics card is based on the same chipset that the GTX 770 uses. The GK104 chipset is trimmed down a little bit for the GTX 760, limiting its abilities. However, there is still plenty of power. With 1,154 CUDA cores and a core clock speed of 980MHz, this card has a good amount of processing power. Combine that processing power with a 256-bit memory bus and 1,502MHz memory clock speed and the GTX 760 has a total memory bandwidth of 192.2GBps. All of this translates into enough power to run most games at their highest settings and get decent frame rates.

One of the best parts about the GTX 760 graphics card is that it runs pretty quietly. At maximum load, this card only draws 157 watts of power. That's low enough that the card generates relatively little heat, which means low fan speeds and a quiet graphics card.


You shouldn't expect the Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 to live up to higher-end graphics cards, but it is the sweet spot for single-monitor 1080p gaming. The GPU is trimmed down and doesn't have access to GK104's full potential, but the GTX 760 is still a good choice, thanks to its good core clock speed and decent memory bandwidth.

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