The Amped Ally Plus is a mesh router system that covers up to 15,000 square feet with a secure wireless signal. It comes with an excellent smartphone app that provides layers of control over your network. In our tests, it performed very well, especially for being one of the most affordable mesh router systems on the market. If you live in a big house, a mesh router like the Ally Plus is a better option than a Wi-Fi booster.

Our expert reviewers in the Purch Labs spent hundreds of hours thoroughly testing the Amped Ally Plus. They tested the throughput rate at varying distances and through a variety of materials. They also tested the throughput at varying distances above and below the router, mimicking a three-story home.

The throughput was among the fastest in the test at close range, with an impressive 637.78 Mbps rate. However, after 100 feet, the rate declines rapidly. Its penetration was above average, with rates around 500 Mbps for metal, soundboard and ceilings. In addition, its 3D test results were above average, though not as great as those of the best mesh router – the Netgear Orbi.

Setup is an important consideration. The Ally Plus is among the easiest mesh router systems to set up. It is the only product we tested that didn’t require a separate setup process for each router unit. They simply pair automatically with the base unit, which means they are pre-paired at the factory. That said, our testers didn’t like that the app and web interface didn’t mention the mesh router’s status at any point during setup, which makes it difficult to know if the system is functioning properly.

One of the Ally Plus’ best features is its smartphone app that gives you extensive control over your wireless network. With the app, you can block other apps you don’t want to have access to the internet. You can also block categories of websites and track activity on various websites. This level of control is good for families that want to limit how much web time the kids have and protect them from adult sites. You can even pause their video games – if your kids are on the Xbox and you want them to clean their room, you can pause the game and keep it paused for as long as you want.

The Amped Ally Plus performs well and has a reasonable price for a mesh router, which is why it is our second choice for best mesh router. The level of control the app provides over your entire wireless network is a big plus for families and could be the deciding factor over the Netgear Orbi, which performed better but lacks such controls via a smartphone app.

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