Pros / It’s compatible with archaic favorites like Super 8 film in additional to classic 35 mm varieties.

Cons / The converter is limited to slides and negatives; unlike some products, it can’t convert physical photos.

 Verdict / With an impressive 20-megapixel resolution output and compatibility with almost any slide or negative format, Wolverine’s F2D Mighty is the best slide and negative scanner you can buy.

Wolverine has created an easy-to-use device that converts slides, as well as 35 mm and 110 film, to digital images. With a large integrated memory and one of the highest resolutions available on the market, the Wolverine F2D Mighty is the best slide to digital image converter, earning our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Whether you’re a photography enthusiast who enjoys working with less-common film formats, or you finally have the time to digitize all of your cherished memories from decades past, the F2D Mighty is a great option. It easily works with the commonplace 35 mm format, as well as 8, 110, 126, 127 and Super 8 film, and quickly converts them. However, if your old photo collection is primarily made up of physical printed photos, this device can’t help you – it’s slides and negatives only. Despite this, what it can convert it does well.


The easy-to-use quick start guide takes you systematically through each step. Navigating the menu is easy and intuitive since there are only a handful of possible settings and all are clearly marked. The unit comes with high-quality plastic frame adapters that securely hold your film or slides for conversion without damaging them. The adapters are easy to use and facilitate fast processing.

This slides to digital converter uses a high-resolution fixed digital camera to capture images in less than three seconds. If you have thousands of slides to convert, this speed is an important feature. The small camera snaps a shot of your slide, instantly capturing and saving it to your SD card or the integrated memory. You can then safely transfer the images to your computer.

While most other manufacturers boast about their 14 MP resolution image sensors, Wolverine equipped the F2D Super with a 20 MP resolution sensor. The higher the megapixel count, the bigger the resulting image and the more pixels there are in that image to capture fine details you might otherwise miss. Most modern phones capture 16 MP photos; with its 20 MP sensor, the F2D Super gives you high-quality digital images from your slides and negatives.

Although the F2D Mighty does a good job of rendering crisp, accurate shots of your slides and negatives, it does lack an automated scratch removal function. The exposure controls are helpful, as they let you change the brightness level of a photograph to enhance darker spots if needed. Additionally, it doesn’t come with any image editing software, like some converters do. However, if you already own Photoshop or a similar program, this isn’t an issue.

Additional accessories like a 110 film tray and negative roll adapter are available for this converter through Wolverine, but you have to purchase them separately. This device is not able to convert photo prints to digital images. Included in the box is a slide tray, power adapter, USB/power cable and cleaning stick.


The compact design makes this slide to digital converter mobile and lightweight. It weighs just half a pound and is easy to carry from the closet to your desk. Additionally, the F2D Super has a standalone design that works independently of a computer and software, so you can use it almost anywhere.

The images appear sharp and clean on the 2.4-inch color LCD screen. While the images are clear, the small screen may make it difficult to see the result, which is an issue if you need to adjust brightness.

Compared to other digital slide converters, the 20MB of integrated storage on the F2D Super is a stand-out feature since you cannot save images directly to your computer as they are scanned. If you have a large number of slides to convert, an SD card is still necessary for storage. An SD card can hold thousands of images, and without one the process is time consuming – you can only capture around 40 images before having to transfer them elsewhere via USB cable when using the internal storage alone.

Help & Support

Getting product support through Wolverine is easy. You can contact the customer service team directly via either email or telephone, or peruse the FAQs and other informational resources on the website. If you send an email message, you should receive a response in less than 24 hours.


The Wolverine F2D Mighty may not digitize printed photos, but it is the best at-home tool available for converting a wide variety of film and slide formats. Kodak 126 and 110 cartridges, 126 and 110 slides, and even the classic Super 8 film your family likely used when you were a child can be easily and quickly turned into quality digital photos, making them easy to preserve forever. With an impressively high output resolution, and the greatest amount of integrated storage, if you’re looking for a digital slide converter and don’t need a printed photo conversion feature, this F2D Mighty is the best choice.

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