Motorola baby monitors are available in options to suit all budgets. They are robust and reliable with a variety of safety and convenience features. Their digital operation with private, encrypted transmissions ensures that you're the only one who can hear your baby.

The child units operate on household current but don't offer battery backups. The parent units are rechargeable and come with a rechargeable battery pack. Operating at a frequency of 1.9GHz and using DECT 6.0 standards, Motorola digital baby monitors provide secure, private transmissions. The digital technology also filters out interference. Some of these units have a maximum range of 990 feet.

Most Motorola models have light-up sound detection that you can turn on or off as needed. When you can't hear the unit or need to mute it, it still provides visual noise alerts. It's an LED bar that fills with green light. The fuller the bar, the louder the noise from your baby. Motorola baby monitors have a link indicator that flashes to let you know you've moved out of range of the child unit. These monitors don't have vibrating alerts or pager functions to help you find a lost unit, but they do have low-battery indicators so you know when it's time to recharge.

The child units on most Motorola baby monitors are wall-mountable to keep power cables away from curious infants. Select models feature a temperature indicator that lets you keep your baby comfortably warm at all times. Some baby monitors from Motorola have a motion sensor and a breathing sensor to alert you to any noticeable change in your baby's breathing or movement patterns for increased safety and peace of mind.

Select Motorola audio baby monitors feature multiple timers for feeding, sleeping and diaper changes to help you stay on schedule. You can turn on a comforting night light with a soft glow so it won't disturb your baby when you turn it on. Some sets also play lullabies to soothe and calm babies, and the models with intercoms let you talk or sing to your baby, which can be useful for sleep coaching. The majority of Motorola's offerings only have one parent unit, which, while small enough to fit into your hand, doesn't have a belt clip or carry loop, so you either have to slip it into a pocket or keep it on a table using the attached desk stand.

Motorola baby monitors range from basic and low-budget to feature-packed high-end models. You can choose a few-frills model that lets you set timers and listen to your baby or a unit that features multiple sensors, including ones for breathing and temperature, along with lullaby and night light functions. You are restricted to a single parent unit with most models, though, which can be a hindrance for homes with multiple caregivers.

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