Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush review

Image shows the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush in its packaging.
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While the Oclean X Pro Elite excels at noise reduction and its easy-to-use color touchscreen offers plenty of brushing options, the accompanying app is confusingly complicated.


  • +

    Sleek and stylish design

  • +

    35-day battery life

  • +

    Easy-to-use color touchscreen


  • -

    Low-intensity levels are too weak

  • -

    App is overly complex

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In this Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush review, we take a deeper dive into the performance and design of this stylish, Smart toothbrush. We’ve tested battery life, cleaning modes, the connected app, and charging time to give you the lowdown on what it offers, and whether it lives up to the manufacturer’s claims. We’ve also checked out the latest user reviews to see what people like, and don’t like, about their Oclean X Pro Elite. 

Oclean X Pro Elite: Key specs

Battery type: Rechargeable

Battery life: 35 days

Timer: Yes

Modes: 4 main cleaning modes and 32 intensity levels

Warranty: 2 year

Cost of replacement heads: $19.99 for four

The Oclean X Pro Elite is available for $79.99. For this you get a handset, one toothbrush head, a USB cable charger, and a wall-mounted holder. The Oclean X Pro Elite also comes with a free app that you can connect your toothbrush to, allowing you to choose pre-set cleaning modes, or create a unique brushing session all of your very own. 

The handset also features a color touchscreen, noise reduction technology, 4 main cleaning modes, no less than 32 intensity settings, and an impressive 35-day battery life. The accompanying app provides further customizable settings, plus a blind spot monitoring feature, useful for people who tend to miss hard-to-reach spots during brushing.

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Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush: Design

The Oclean X Pro Elite is an elegant, grown-up toothbrush. Its simple yet stylish design has also resulted in it being the recipient of a Good Design Award, one of the world’s four major design awards. 

The matt finish gives a great grip, while the ‘Ultimate Gray’ shade is quietly sleek and stylish. The Oclean X Pro Elite is only available in gray, but other models within the Oclean range are available in other shades.

A black touchscreen with a single power button sits at the front and center of the handset and displays the charging percentage, Bluetooth setting, mode, duration, and intensity level. The toothbrush head itself is slim and elegant, and the chrome rim between the handle and the toothbrush head gives it an expensive look and feel. The toothbrush head also features a dedicated tongue cleaner on the back. 

The charger is made of soft silicone, comfortably housing the handset during charging. It’s a USB-only charging unit, though, so users will need to have a USB charging socket or plug available. 

The Oclean X Pro Elite also comes with a very useful wall-mounted magnetic holder, which securely fastens the handset to any wall. Simply take off the adhesive backing and secure the holder to the wall, then place the handset against it. The strong magnet clicks it into place, away from wet basins or shower spray.

Image shows the electric toothbrush in its open packaging, along with the accessories that come with it.

(Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush: Functionality

The Oclean X Pro Elite comes completely discharged, so it needs charging before first use. For users who wish to follow the accompanying Oclean app, simply download the app and register, then you’re ready to start customizing your brushing experience. 

The app asks you to first choose from one of four settings:

  • Normal 
  • Smoker
  • Braces
  • Distorted (for teeth that are crooked or overlapping)  

You can further hone the app to brush for tobacco use, tea, coffee or wine, or set with no preference. We set it to coffee, tea and wine. 

Next, choose your brushing plan. There are up to 12 available, including, but not limited to:

  • Standard cleaning - for normal healthy teeth 
  • Strong cleaning - for people with periodontitis 
  • Super cleaning - for people who want a deep clean 
  • Strong whitening - for wine lovers 
  • Super whitening - for a deep whitening effect 
  • Sensitive cleaning - for people with sensitive teeth 
  • Gentle teeth spa - for people with sensitive gums 
  • Braces cleaning - for people with braces 

Based on our preferences, the app recommended Strong Whitening as a setting, which is 2 minutes and 30 seconds of brushing time, though some of the settings go up to 3 minutes. 

If you want an even more personalized brushing plan, you can create your own, tailoring the brushing duration, mode, and intensity to suit your brushing style. But with up to 32 intensity settings, and the ability to add extra steps using different modes, durations and intensity, this level of customization feels like overkill.

Overall, we found the app to be unnecessarily complex to navigate. Although it seemed impressive at first glance, there were too many settings to choose from, and it’s likely many of them offer a similar intensity and brushing time to be truly unique.

Image shows the Oclean X Pro toothbrush standing upright on its charging stand.

(Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

The tracking system available with the brush that allows you to check mouth coverage isn’t available in real-time either, although this data is available after brushing. So although you can’t adapt your technique on the go while brushing, you can at least improve on it with your next session. After using the app a couple of times during brushing, we’d had enough, and resorted to changing the settings via the handset instead, which seemed much easier.

During use though, it’s hard to fault the Oclean X Pro Elite’s functionality. One can easily switch between four modes and intensity settings, and set brushing duration time, using the handset touchscreen alone. The touchscreen is easy to use and works smoothly, even with wet hands.

However, we found the bristles to be too soft to give a really deep clean feel. The lower intensity levels feel too weak to be of any use in removing plaque, and the in-built self-adjusting feature that reduces frequency when over-brushing is detected seemed much too sensitive in comparison to other electric toothbrushes, such as the Oral B Genius X.

Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush: Performance

Image shows a closeup of the screen of the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush showing the mode selection.

(Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

The Oclean X Pro Elite is undoubtedly one of the quietest toothbrushes we’ve tested at home. Clocking in at around 40 decibels on its highest intensity level and 30 on its lowest, it really is as quiet as its manufacturers claim. That’s somewhere between a quiet rural area and a library, so it’s far from the 70-decibel racket of an oscillating-rotating toothbrush, such as the Oral B Genius X. 

During our testing, we found there was a huge difference in intensity settings. One wonders at the point of having an intensity setting as low as 1, while 32 feels about right for effective brushing. However, people with sensitive teeth and gums may strongly disagree.

We also tested how long it took to achieve a full charge - around 3 hours. We couldn’t test the claim to have a 35-day battery life, but user reviews seem to back this up. However, users who opt for higher intensity levels will find they have to recharge more frequently. 

Finally, we checked how waterproof the Oclean X Pro Elite was by submerging it in water for a full brushing cycle. There was no reduction in performance or functionality after doing so.

Image shows a closeup of the screen on the Oclean X Pro Elite electric toothbrush.

(Image credit: Joanne Lewsley.)

Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush: Price

  • $79.99 / £61.51 

The affordable price of the Oclean X Pro Elite makes it one of the most cost-effective Smart toothbrushes on the market. Most toothbrushes that offer this kind of technology are almost twice the price. The fact that it only requires charging every 35 days makes it cheaper to run too, although you may have to charge it more often if you use a setting with a higher intensity. 

The replacement heads are fairly inexpensive too, retailing from the Oclean website for $19.99 for four refill heads, which require changing every 3 months. 

Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush review: User reviews

Users love the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush, giving it 4.8 stars out of 5 on the Oclean website. Positive reviews mention quietness during operation and how effective it is at cleaning, and getting to hard-to-reach areas. One user commented their mouth felt cleaner after use than in comparison to their usual $300 toothbrush. Users also like the design of the toothbrush, how light it is and the great grip, even with wet hands. 

Negative reviews mention the complexity of the app, how there are too many intensity levels to choose from, and poor customer service when reporting faults with the handset. 

Should you buy the Oclean X Pro Elite Toothbrush?

If you want a toothbrush that offers you a granular, step-by-step approach to customizing your brushing session, it’s hard to find a more affordable toothbrush to suit your needs. However, the accompanying app is too complex to be truly useful to most users. 

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