Safety 1st offers a range of baby monitors, with up to two receivers. These analog units cover all the basics, and some models offer a few extras, like a night light, a clock and earphone jacks.

The parent units of Safety 1st baby monitors run on three AAA alkaline batteries. AC adapters are included in the kit for the child unit and the parent units. The child unit requires constant electrical connection, while the parent units can be used interchangeably with the AC adapter or batteries. It's useful to plug in one or both of the parent units overnight and stand it on your bedside cabinet. Unlike most adapters, these ones only draw power when the units are connected and turned on, helping you reduce your energy consumption, save money and be a little kinder to the environment. Operating at 49MHz, these analog baby monitors have up to four channels to minimize interference and a maximum operating range of 600 feet.

Baby monitors from Safety 1st feature light-up sound detection, using a sequence of LED indicators that illuminate from left to right to alert you silently to noise from your infant. Surprisingly, most of these models don't feature out-of-range alerts. Instead, if you venture too far from the child unit, the parent unit simply crackles. When the battery is low, these baby monitors alert you with a red LED. Most of these units feature a pager or find function. You simply press the page button on the child unit and the parent unit begins to beep.

Safety 1st analog audio baby monitors are wall-mountable, so it's easy to keep power cords and child units away from little ones, even as they grow and begin to explore their environment. These units don't have temperature sensors to keep tabs on the comfort of your baby's room, though.

Many models from Safety 1st have an impressive selection of convenience features. A tap-on, soft-glow night light provides soothing comfort for your baby and lets you check on them without disturbing their sleep with bright lights. You can find models with one or two parent receivers, and each receiver is compact enough to fit comfortably in your hand. Some models have a digital clock on the child unit, and the parent units feature carry loops and belt clips. Some models have earphone jacks so you can insert a pair of compatible headphones when you want to listen to your baby without disturbing anyone else.

Safety 1st offers analog baby monitors that range from super simple to those with multiple convenience features, and all these models are easy to use. Although they don't have temperature indicators or intercom capabilities, features like night lights and multiple channels increase their convenience.

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