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Summer Infant Review

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Summer Infant baby monitors offer solid features, including night lights, intercoms and temperature sensors. These digital audio baby monitors have encrypted transmissions and are affordable, reliable and secure options.

The parent units of Summer Infant baby monitors run on AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. You can also use them with the AC adapters, which charge the batteries. The batteries only last six hours on a single charge, because they're NiMH, so you must remember to plug your parent units into an outlet each night. This older style of battery also suffers from memory effect, which can limit the lifespan and the achievable charge if you frequently charge the batteries when they're not very low or empty. The child units run on electricity via the AC adapter.

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These monitors use DECT 6.0 standards and operate at a frequency of 1.9GHz. Because they're digital, they offer secure, interference-free encrypted transmissions for up to 650 feet. Surprisingly, you can't change channels with Summer Infant monitors, but they do filter out background noise.

The light-up sound detection lets you turn down or mute the volume and receive a visual alert in the form of an LED indicator bar when your baby makes noise. The color on the bar changes from green to red as your baby gets louder. The out-of-range indicator lets you know it's time to move closer to the child unit, and the low-battery indicators tell you when to plug in your handset. While Summer Infant baby monitors don't give you the option for alerts via vibration, which some prefer to lights and sounds, some models do have a pager function to help you find a lost unit.

These units are not wall-mountable, so you need to make sure power cables are well out of reach of little fingers. Some Summer Infant models feature temperature sensors that operate in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, so you can easily keep your baby at a comfortable temperature.

The adjustable volume and background noise filter ensure clear transmissions at the right volume. Most of the parent units are handheld, although some models feature wearable parent units that fit on your wrist like a watch, letting you keep your hands free. Select models include a soft-glow night light that provides a soothing ambience for your baby and lets you check on them without disturbing their slumber. A two-way talk feature lets you communicate with your little one or with another caregiver in the nursery.

Summer Infant offers a range of baby monitor sets with one or two receivers, including wearable or handheld parent units. Although the batteries in these units are rechargeable, they are NiMH batteries, so they don't hold a particularly long charge. These baby monitors lack a few basics, like vibration and wall-mounting capabilities, but they still have a fair number of convenience features.

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