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The First Years Review

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Baby monitors from The First Years are relatively basic. However, these analog baby monitors are functional and user-friendly. While they lack some advanced features like temperature sensors, vibration notifications and intercom functionality, these baby monitor kits are affordable and practical, letting you clearly hear your baby. Audio monitors from The First Years are a solid choice for parents shopping on a budget.

The child units on The First Years baby monitors are electrically powered via an included AC adapter. Parent units run on three AA batteries. These can be disposable or rechargeable. For those times when you want to make sure you don't run low on battery, you can use the additional AC adapters. So, when you're going to bed, you can simply plug one of the parent units into the power cable and rest easy knowing the unit won't run out of power. These analog baby monitors use the 49MHz operating frequency and have a range of up to 700 feet, depending on the amount of obstructions. You can choose from one of two channels to reduce the chances of interference or errant transmissions.

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Baby monitors from The First Years feature light-up sound detection. You can turn the volume down or even mute the parent units and, when your baby cries or starts to fuss, the parent unit lights up. The more lights that turn on, the louder the noise. The out-of-range alert tells you when you've carried the parent unit too far from the child unit. To ensure you can always hear your little one, the parent units feature low-battery alerts to let you know to go plug in your AC adapter or replace the batteries.

The First Years baby monitors are wall-mountable so you can keep the unit and the electric cable well away from your baby's curious fingers. However, these units don't have temperature indicators to keep you apprised of your baby's comfort level or movement sensors to detect whether your baby is moving more or less than usual.

The parent units are small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. They also feature wrist straps to reduce the risk of sustaining damage from dropping, and so that you can quickly pick up your child with both hands free if necessary. You can choose from sets with either a single receiver or two receivers, in case both parents need a unit. Because of their basic construction, you won't find night lights or intercoms on these baby monitors.

Basic and affordable, baby monitors from The First Years don't have many frills. They do, however, let you hear your baby clearly and offer both battery and AC operation.

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