VTech baby monitors range from basic, no-frills models to high-end multi-sensor kits bursting with features, catering to every parental need. These monitors are digital for secure transmissions and feature one or two parent units.

The child units in VTech baby monitor kits operate on electrical power via an AC adapter, although some also have a battery backup option in case of power outages. Parent units operate on rechargeable batteries, making them a solid choice for eco-conscious consumers. You get an AC adapter for each parent unit and a rechargeable battery unit for convenience. All VTech models use DECT technology on the 1.9GHz frequency. This ensures secure, encrypted transmissions free of interference and white noise. These digital baby monitors have up to five channels, further reducing chances of interference, and an impressive maximum range of 1,000 feet.

VTech's baby monitors feature light-up sound detection, so you'll know if your baby is fussing, even with the volume down. Out-of-range indicators tell you when you need to move closer to the child unit, and the parent unit displays also indicate when the battery is low. Some models have a vibration feature to alert you to a transmission from your infant, and others have a pager feature so you can always find your parent units.

Some of the child units from VTech are wall-mountable. On the higher-end models, you can find temperature sensors, making it easier to ensure your infant stays comfortable all year round. Some models feature additional sensors, including motion sensors that slide under the crib mattress and alert you if your baby stops moving as much as normal. Units with open-close sensors tell you when your baby's door is opened or closed. Some of VTech's baby monitoring kits are expandable, letting you add up to 30 extra sensors. This is useful in large homes or properties with multiple entrances and curious toddlers who are starting to explore.

Many VTech baby monitors offer premium features, including night lights that project softly glowing images of stars and the moon onto the ceiling. Some go even further and play a soothing lullaby. These features come in particularly handy for sleep coaching. So does the intercom function, which lets you talk or sing to your baby for those times when that's all they need to get back to sleep. You can choose from models with one or two compact parent units, many of which have belt clips for extra convenience.

VTech is known for its quality baby and parent products, and its baby monitors offer reliable, secure digital audio monitoring. Some models even offer extra safety sensors, including ones for temperature, an open door and motion.