Pros / The Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor detects when your baby stirs and automatically resumes play.

Cons / There is no AC adapter for this white noise machine.

 Verdict / This baby sound machine is great for babies and toddlers, but it lacks features that would make it more versatile.

The Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor from Cloud B is not only a stuffed animal, but also a helpful sleep tool: a sound machine for your baby. This device is different from other sound machines in that you can strap it to your child's crib or bedpost to comfort him through the night. You can even take the sound controls out of the back of the sheep for cleaning or if your child no longer needs sound therapy but still wants the comfort of snuggling with the Sleep Sheep.

While this model doesn't come with a nightlight or offer continuous play, like the Conair Dream Tones, the smart sensor can tell when your baby wakes up during the night and resume playing the previously selected sound at the previous volume. This is particularly helpful when your baby is first establishing his sleep routine. He'll be lulled back to sleep, and you won't need to get up to turn the baby sound machine back on.

The Cloud B Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor plays on two different timer options – 23 and 45 minutes – after which the sound automatically turns off. While other white noise machines have MP3 adapters, we don't see the need for one with the Sleep Sheep, since it doubles as a sleep buddy.

The portability of this baby sound machine is our favorite thing about it. You can easily remove the controls to save battery power and pack it away just as you would a stuffed animal. It doesn't have an AC adapter, though, so if you take it on the road, be sure to bring backup batteries.

The Sleep Sheep's sound selection includes heartbeat, rain, whale sounds and ocean waves. It may be difficult to access the controls when this machine is strapped to a crib, as they are located on the sheep's back.

The warranty for this baby sound machine covers the stuffed animal itself for 90 days, including problems with stitching and fabric quality. The mechanical pieces are covered up to two years. If you can't determine the type of defect, the manufacturer decides which warranty applies.

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The Cloud B Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor combines function with fun in this baby sound machine. Its resume capability is highly useful and can help your baby fall asleep without your help. While a continuous play option and nightlight would be welcome additions to make it more versatile, the timer and travel readiness make this a beneficial sound machine for your baby.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Ease of Use

Adjustable Volume
Travel Ready
Auto Shut-Off
AC Adapter
Battery Powered

Help & Support

2 Years
Email/Web Contact

Additional Features

Continuous Play
Night Light/Image Projector
Resume Function

Sound Selection

White Noise/Shush
Ocean/Whale Sounds
Forest Sounds