Pros / Its Wi-Fi connectivity means you can watch your little one from anywhere.

Cons / The parent unit produced no sound in our tests, so you can't hear when your baby cries or needs you.

 Verdict / The iBaby M6T looks slick and has many extra features, but it failed in some basic connectivity tests.

Video baby monitors generally look like webcams, but the iBaby M6T looks more like a Star Wars droid. As one of the few mobile-controlled baby monitors, it's unique in functionality as well as design. This makes it convenient in some ways, but it raises issues in other areas.

Rather than including a video monitor, the iBaby uses your iOS or Android device as the parent unit. From its mobile app, you can move the camera 110 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally to give you full coverage of your baby's room. You can also take HD images and videos to share any big moments. Although it has a good range of motion, the monitor is prone to blind spots. Its round body limits the camera when it's looking down, making this monitor a poor choice for wall mounting.

For such a complex baby monitor, the setup is easy. You simply download the mobile app, then connect your device to the iBaby with any USB connector that fits your smartphone. Once connected, the iBaby can send video and audio to your phone. You, your spouse or any other caretaker can access video from the monitor from anywhere, as long as the iBaby connects with your home Wi-Fi.

The camera on this baby monitor has a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a frame rate of 30 fps to produce a clear image of your child. The iBaby M6T has some extra features that the best video baby monitors offer, like humidity and temperature monitoring of your baby's room, voice recording, and preprogrammed lullabies. You can choose from several songs to soothe your baby to sleep or record your own stories and greetings for your child.

When the video monitor senses low-light conditions, it switches to night vision automatically. The infrared lights are effective but dim to avoid disturbing your sleeping baby. We could see details clearly, but the modes switch suddenly and may surprise you the first few times. While the picture is clear, there is a slight lag when the camera or your child moves. This seems to be a common issue, even when the monitor sits next to your home router. Thankfully, the lag doesn't register when you record videos or snap pictures of your baby.

The iBaby M6T looks great and has many extras, but our tests revealed some serious connectivity issues. The baby unit produces audio quality similar to that of a phone call but, like its video, has a noticeable lag. We were able to talk through the baby unit but never heard audio from our test phone. Neither loud nor soft noises registered through the app, even with the phone's volume on high. This is a serious issue, especially when you're watching your baby from outside your home.

In case you have questions or connectivity issues like the ones we experienced, iBaby has several means of support. There's in-app support, a FAQs page and a user forum available on iBaby's website. Additionally, you can contact the company via social media, live chat, phone or email to ask a customer service representative for assistance.

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The iBaby M6T is slickly designed and allows you to watch your child from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. However, it failed to send audio to the parent unit in our tests, which raises some major concerns. We weren't able to hear any noise the baby unit picked up, despite the volume being on high. This is a significant issue to be aware of with this monitor.

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