Pros / You can use the included parent unit or your smartphone or tablet.

Cons / This baby video monitor is the most difficult to use in our lineup.

 Verdict / The Motorola Connect offers more versatility than any other baby video monitor, but it suffers from poor video and audio quality and technical difficulties.

The Motorola Connect baby video monitor offers what no other monitor in our lineup can: two different ways to keep an eye on your baby. The package includes the camera and a parent unit, but it's also Wi-Fi ready, so you can use your smartphone or tablet as a monitor along with Motorola's app. However, we experienced some issues with this monitor that make it difficult to use.

When we tested this unit with the camera and the included monitor 30 feet away from each other, the image was clear enough, but there were a few issues. Although this monitor is one of the largest we tested at 4.3 inches, the view of the room was limited compared to what other video baby monitors showed us. The microphone isn't very responsive, either. We couldn't quite hear what was said at a normal conversation volume over the monitor.

You can move the camera remotely, which makes the smaller view of the room tolerable, because you can pan side to side and tilt the camera to center it on your baby or other areas of the room. In our tests, though, we found this unit is the hardest to use in our lineup. After we fully charged the parent monitor, it took a long time to turn on and pick up the signal from the camera. This happened multiple times. We also experienced huge delays in image and sound relay when we tested the camera in one room upstairs and the parent unit in a room downstairs. The connection, once established, was decent, and we only occasionally lost the signal between the two.

The battery life of the monitor was about nine hours in our test, but interference caused the unit to lose the signal at times. We also tested its range indoors, and it was only able to reach a distance of 100 feet between the monitor and camera before we noticed degradation in image and sound.

You can monitor the temperature in your baby's nursery from the parent unit or your mobile device, and you can choose one of the five included lullabies that play from the camera to soothe the baby to sleep. Like all of the best baby video monitors, the Motorola Connect lets you talk to your baby through the monitor.

The video baby monitor includes a one-year warranty to cover defects in the unit, and you can contact customer service by email or phone. You can also find a troubleshooting guide and a digital copy of the user manual on Motorola's website.

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  • Audio Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Battery Life
  • Connection Quality
  1. How well each monitor displayed the image on the parent unit or cell phone that we tested.
    Higher is Better
  2. 5  Motorola Connect
    60.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 80.0 %
  5. 80.0 %
  6. Category Average
    70.5 %


Although we experienced several issues when we tested the Motorola Connect, once the camera is connected, it's a convenient baby video monitor overall. You have added versatility with this bundle because of the option to use Wi-Fi and your smartphone or tablet.

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