Pros / You can interact with your baby using the two-way talk feature.

Cons / The 2x zoom enlarges the picture but doesn't have additional focus.

 Verdict / The Samsung SEW-3037 baby video monitor is one of the most valuable, multidimensional tools to help you keep close tabs on your baby.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Baby Video Monitors here.

Samsung came on the baby video monitor scene a little later than some of its competitors, but the company competes well. The Samsung SEW-3037 is among the best video baby monitors. It has most of the features that we look for in our baby video monitor reviews, keeping you well connected to your baby when you can't be in the same room.

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Video & Audio

One of the biggest challenges of using a baby video monitor is getting complete coverage. It's not an issue when the baby is asleep, of course, but you will want to be sure that your monitor can keep your crawling daytime baby well within its sights. Wall mounting is one trick to overcome this problem, but the SEW-3037 has even more effective tricks up its sleeve.

This video baby monitor has pan, tilt and zoom capabilities that are remotely adjustable, so you can find the right viewing angle regardless of where your baby is in the room. The pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, at times, even eliminate the need for wall mounting. We weren't particularly impressed with the 2x zoom, however. It enlarges the image but doesn't increase the quality of the image, which results in a grainy look.


We were impressed with the SEW-3037's audio monitoring capabilities. It has everything that you could want. The VOX mode wakes the device up when it hears a certain amount of noise in the baby's room. This alerts you to a change in the baby's status by turning on the video feed. The signal indicator, volume controls and audio-only mode are all useful features that you can take advantage of. The SEW-3037 also has two-way talk, which lets you talk to your baby through the parent unit, like a walkie-talkie.


The transmission range for this video baby monitor is an impressive 900 feet from the camera under many conditions. However, if there is too much metal in the vicinity, for instance, or if you live in a multilevel home and there are a couple floors between you and your baby, the signal may not always get through. But most conditions allow a strong signal from a good distance.

The only time you might experience interference is if the video baby monitor is sitting too close to devices that share its 2.4GHz frequency, such as cordless phones or internet routers, but the manufacturers have done a good job of safeguarding against such glitches, and you should experience them rarely if at all.

Aesthetically speaking, the Samsung SEW-3037 has a simple, sleek design that enhances any room, even a baby's, without trying too hard to blend in with infant decor like some manufacturers tend to do. The remote-controlled nightlight on top is a nice feature that gives just the right amount of light to the room at night and provides a soothing presence for your baby.

Help & Support

The SEW-3037 comes with a one-year warranty that allows you to return the device should it have any factory defects. One year is generally long enough for any major issues to show up with most electronic devices, though it's always nice to see longer warranties. You can contact the manufacturer's support team by phone or email. There's also a manual available online, in case you lose yours.


Samsung may have come onto the baby video monitor scene a little later than some manufacturers that specialize in them, but the Samsung SEW-3037 shows that the company means business, joining the best video baby monitors on the market. This sleek, attractive and multifunctional video baby monitor includes features such as a pan, tilt and zoom camera and a 900-foot transmission range that helps you keep an eye on your baby at any time of the day or night.

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