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6 Practical Uses for Your GPS Tracker

There are a variety of GPS trackers on the market that can be used for a myriad of different purposes. They come in a variety of designs and sizes – and in every price range – and can easi

Best GPS for Hunting

A reliable GPS can be the difference between an average hunting trip and a great one. Luckily, there are many good, affordable handheld GPS units on the market. Whether you are looking for a hunting G

Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

As a senior citizen, you may be hesitant to buy a cell phone for a variety of reasons, including dexterity problems, Alzheimer's disease or difficulty understanding technology. Cell phones have, over

5 Reasons to Buy a Car GPS in the Age of Smartphones

Your smartphone can run a variety of navigation apps, which may make a car GPS seem like a redundant gadget. But smartphones are not yet ready to replace the navigation GPS. Here are five reasons to b

GreatCall Splash: Excellent GPS Tracker for Seniors

The GreatCall Splash is a waterproof urgent-response device optimized for senior citizens. It runs on the Verizon wireless network and uses a combination of cellular and GPS technology. The Splash's m

Top 5 Occasions to Use a GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker can bring peace of mind to an otherwise stressful situation. You're walking through a crowd, enjoying the sights and sounds, and suddenly your child slips their hand from your grip and t

Top 5 Worst GPS Navigator Voices

Part of the fun inherent in navigation GPS units is the fact that you can download voices and personalities for your device. You can have a Star Wars character, one of the Simpsons or a generic novelt

5 Ways to use the FOBO Tag Smartphone App

Many things are done on smartphones these days that can make your life or routine easier, including keeping track of your belongings. Whether you want to keep your car keys from disappearing or keep y

Spying on Your Kids: How Far is Too Far?

A survey from AVG found that the majority of parents covertly spy on their kids' Facebook accounts – 60 percent, to be exact. While some parents can completely justify spying for safety, others are ap

International Travel: Which GPS Device Is Best?

Most GPS devices in the U.S. have good maps of North America, but world travelers need reliable roadmaps that go well outside U.S. borders. To get around in a foreign land, especially one where you d

Tips for Using a GPS Tracker

Using a GPS tracker is a great way to ensure the safety of your child or teen driver when you're not with them. The best GPS tracking device allows your child or teen the freedom without you having to

Stay on Target: Star Wars Voices Arrive on Your GPS

In Star Wars Episode IV, the ghost of Ben Kenobi spoke to Luke Skywalker in the cockpit of his X-Wing, telling him to turn off his guidance computer and use The Force to guide him to his target and de

GPS Tracking: Making the Grass Greener for Golfers

Forget your caddy. Perhaps the person you should listen to most on the golf course is not a person at all. It is a golf GPS (Global Positioning System) unit specific to your sport. The best recreation

GPS Adventure: Geocaching

Have you ever wanted to find treasure? Do you enjoy following clues and solving puzzles? Do you want to see parts of your state that you’ve never seen before? If you answered yes to any of those que

Should You Spring for GPS Traffic Updates?

With rising gas prices and more highway congestion than ever, GPS traffic updates may save you money. According to a 2002 study by the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), metropolitan commuters give

The Best Geocaching Websites

The hardest part about geocaching isn’t necessarily finding the geocache, it’s finding a website with a large enough database of geocaches that will have what you want. To help you find the right one,

The iPhone-Killer or Just a Cool GPS Phone?

Garmin has tantalized gadget lovers everywhere with its announcement of the nuvifone, a cell phone/GPS combination that has been billed as the biggest adversary of the iPhone. While it’s hard to belie

How to Make Your Own Geocache

Geocaching has become one of the most popular activities to do with a GPS receiver. Thousands and thousands of people around the world use their GPS receivers to go on geocache adventures and see the

GPS Clothing: You Wear It Where?

For many people, GPS is still just a new gadget for outdoor enthusiasts and the military, but GPS technology is actually becoming integrated into everyday life. There is no better example of this than

Beyond Mapping: GPS Features You May Not Know About

You may believe that GPS units are just a glorified map for those who can’t remember which direction West is without reciting a line about soggy waffles. But GPS units are so much more than just a map

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