The $15 Tile Sticker might just unglue Apple's GPS tracker ambitions

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Tile, the California-based startup behind some of the best GPS trackers for people on a budget, has unveiled the all-new Tile Sticker – along with updates for its existing range of Bluetooth-enabled possession finders.

The TIle Sticker (pictured above) is a small circular tracker designed to be attached to "most metal and plastic materials". This is made possible by a 3M-designed adhesive strip, which sits on the bottom of the disc and should be good for three to five years, according to the company.

The device offers a three-year battery life, 150 foot range of connectivity, and comes waterproofed for outdoor use. 

This means it can be used to keep tabs on a diverse range of your belongings, including bikes, tents, and skateboards – as well as helping you locate TV remotes and other valuables, in case you coughed up for one of the best compact cameras recently.

Costing as little as $15 per tracker when bought in a four-pack for $60 (or $20 a pop if you purchase a $40 two-pack), it's the cheapest Tile product to date.

Updates galore – but Apple tracker rumors loom large

In addition, Tile has also served up 2020 updates for its Slim, Mate and Pro trackers early.

The Tile Mate, which costs $25 per device, gets a 50 foot boost in Bluetooth range to extend its connectivity to 200 feet, while the Pro model is now available for $35 per tracker with an extended range of 400 feet in range.

But the biggest overhaul is reserved for the Tile Slim, which gets a redesign and can now be had for $30 or bought as a four-pack for $70 in a better value deal.

Its svelte new form factor sees it slimmed down to more closely resemble a credit card, allowing to slot more neatly into your wallet or card holder, while Tile also says it benefits from an expanded 200 foot range, three-year battery life, and alarm that's twice as loud on the previous model.

All the new Tile trackers are now available from select US retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, and Target – as well as direct through Tile's website

With Apple heavily rumored to be launching a similar product any time now – speculation suggests a to-be-confirmed October hardware event – Tile will no doubt hope these timely updates help it maintain its position as one of market leaders for GPS trackers.

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