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NAD T 748 AV Reciever Review

PROS / It's quite easy to use this old-school receiver.

CONS / There is no Bluetooth or AirPlay.

 VERDICT / It doesn't have any wireless capabilities, but it performs the essential functions of an AV receiver with elegance and style.

The NAD T 748 is a home theater receiver with excellent sound but few features. It's simple to use and prioritizes sound over functionality.

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It has the ability to pass through 1080p video. This means you can watch a 1080p movie or television show with your Blu-ray player or other input device and connect that input device directly to the receiver, and then connect the receiver to the television without losing any video quality. However, the NAD cannot pass through 4K video, so this is not a good receiver for you if you own a 4K television.

  1. This is the power of the receiver, defined at two channels driven.
    More is Better
  2. 8 NAD T
    80 W
  3. 95 W
  4. 95 W
  5. 90 W
  6. Category Average
    83.75 W

It can also pass through 3D video, which is useful if you own a 3D television. These pass-through capabilities are important, because you should be able to use an AV receiver as a central hub for all your input sources. It's important to note that the NAD has just four HDMI inputs, while many competing receivers have six or seven. You need to make sure that four HDMI inputs is sufficient for your needs before you purchase this receiver. However, it has three optical inputs, which may offset some of the disadvantages of having only four HDMI inputs.

Besides being a hub for your video inputs, an AV receiver is also what powers your surround sound system. The NAD can power up to seven speakers and one subwoofer, which gives your movies an immersive, cinematic feel.

This receiver has a signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB, which means you get an exceptionally clean audio signal. It also has a total harmonic distortion of just .08%, so the output signal is almost identical to the input. These metrics tell part of the story, but there is also an undeniably subjective quality to audio equipment, and NAD has a reputation for building exceptional amplifiers.

The T 748 has an exceptionally simple user interface that will feel familiar to people who have used older audio equipment. Unlike some competing companies, NAD does not have a smartphone app that can control the receiver. However, it does come with a remote that makes hands-free operation a relatively simple task.


This receiver doesn't have the wireless capabilities of the best AV receivers. However, it's easy to use and built to the high standard of NAD audio equipment.

NAD T 748 AV Reciever Visit Site