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Fugoo Sport Review

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PROS / It is impenetrable by dust and can withstand being submerged under water for an extended period of time.

CONS / The battery life is below average compared to others in our lineup.

 VERDICT / This is a good-sounding speaker that has satisfying bass depth and an overall warm sound quality, but the poor battery life hinders its portability.

There are generally three things you want from a Bluetooth speaker: good sound quality, long battery life and ruggedness. At a glance, it would seem that the Fugoo Sport covers at least two of the three. The manufacturer claims it has a 40-hour battery life and a waterproof frame. We tested the sound quality and battery life and were especially disappointed by the battery. However, this speaker is still a good option for certain uses.

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To test the portable Bluetooth speakers, the first thing we did was volume-match all of the speakers. We noticed right out of the gate that the Fugoo Sport doesn't get as loud as the other speakers. Its max volume didn’t break 88dB whereas all the other speakers in our lineup broke into the upper 90s. Volume is a factor, especially outside where there are generally no walls to help reverberate and carry the sound. The Fugoo sounds even quieter in open areas.

  1. This is how long the speaker can play music on with a fully charged battery.
    More is Better.
  2. 7 Fugoo Sport
    40 Hours
  3. 10 Hours
  4. 15 Hours
  5. 10 Hours
  6. Category Average
    16.70 Hours

The Fugoo falls right in the middle of our comparison for sound quality. Even though this speaker doesn't get as loud as others, it does have a good tonal quality to it. The Fugoo Sport has two woofers and two passive bass radiators built into the enclosure. The speakers might seem small, but they produce a decent amount of bass, which most small Bluetooth speakers struggle to do.

As we listened to "Drum Machine" by Big Grams, the rugged Bluetooth speaker did clip just a bit when we pushed the speaker close to max volume. When we backed off a hair, the speaker displayed a warm and round tonal quality. The bass gave the song the much-needed low-frequency growl that others ranked below the Fugoo failed to produce. The punchy bass had depth to it and made the song sound big instead of thin.

As we listened to "This Feeling" by Alabama Shakes, the Fugoo sounded warmer and less shrill than other speakers ranked near the bottom of the lineup. The vocals sounded sharp and clear while the rest of the music sounded full. The thump on the body of the guitar had depth and reverberation to it, while the strums of the guitar provided a soft bed for the vocals to shine over. Overall, the Fugoo Sport has above average sound quality that is soft, warm and natural.

The manufacturer rates the battery life to last for 40 hours, but we got far different results in our battery testing. We hooked up each speaker to an iPad with a 3.5 mm connector cable and looped an album at medium volume until the speaker stopped playing. We tested each speaker twice. The first time, the Fugoo's battery lasted 12 hours and nine minutes. In the second test, the battery only lasted three hours and 10 minutes. This is disconcerting considering that a wired connection should actually extend battery life. Since this speaker doesn’t get as loud as others, reaching medium volume causes the speaker to work harder than others, resulting in less impressive battery life, unfortunately.

Charging took three hours and 13 minutes to get from a completely dead battery to a fully charged one. Again, this isn't great considering the battery took just as long to charge as it did to drain in our second round of battery testing. The battery life is not as spectacular as it seems on paper.

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is rated at an impressive IP67 water and dust resistance. This means that dust essentially can't penetrate the outside protection of the speaker. It also means you can submerge the speaker in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without any damage. Finally, the speaker is impact resistant – it is able to survive a spill from 6 feet. Durability is not an issue for the Fugoo Sport.

This Bluetooth portable speaker is covered by a one-year warranty. You can buy additional covers for the speaker as well as straps to mount the speaker when you are out and about.


After all of our testing, battery life is the main culprit for this speaker's dwindling ranking. Our evaluation revealed that the speaker does not nearly last as long as the manufacturer rates it and is below average compared to other speakers in our lineup. The sound quality and ruggedness are both up to snuff. It is possible that the unit we received just doesn't have a good battery in it, but be aware that the battery might not last as long as you think it will.

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