Pros / The BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S has two powerful 6.5-inch woofers.

Cons / The manufacturer's site does not offer a lot of support.

 Verdict / The DV62CLR-S is a surprisingly impressive piece of audio equipment.

Although they've been in the audio business since 1973, the name of BIC America is not as well-known as other companies such as Infinity, Polk Audio and Yamaha. Nonetheless, the BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S is an impressive center speaker. The center speaker is the most important element of a home theater system. It is in charge of all the dialogue, lyrics and other important sounds in movies and music. While the DV62CLR-S does not have the frequency response of the Yamaha NS-C310 and the customer support of BIC America is lacking, it is still one of the top ten best center channel speakers available.

This 2-way center channel speaker has three drivers. The poly soft dome tweeter measures 0.75 inches in diameter. The tweeter is the driver that takes care of the higher frequencies. The lower frequencies are handled by the two poly/graphite woofers. At 6.5 inches in diameter, these woofers are the largest we found in our review. Yet the DV62CLR-S still maintains a compact design.

Though it only measures 7.7 inches high, 10 inches deep and 20 inches wide, this center speaker weighs 25 pounds. This is significantly heavier than many of the other products in our review. It can still be mounted on the wall or set on top of an entertainment center, but it won't balance well on top of a flat-screen TV. It also includes gold-plated terminals on the back for better connectivity. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and these connections make sure you get the most from the power you're pumping into the device.

The BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S has a frequency response of 38Hz to 20kHz. This means that it will play almost everything which is audible to the human ear, which is 20Hz to 20kHz, but it can't play the supersonic tones that are sometimes added to audio signals to enrich the sound. Lower tones and subsonic tones are usually handled by the subwoofer, but the 38Hz offered by these woofers is still the lowest frequency we found in our center speaker review.

This center speaker is covered by a 7-year warranty for parts and labor. This is the longest coverage we encountered in this review. However, despite the impressive warranty, there isn't much else in the way of help and support on the BIC America website. They offer a toll free number and an email address, but there is no live chat. We were also unable to find a FAQs page. They have a "Tips" page, but that is mostly about choosing a home theater system and it doesn't offer any troubleshooting tips.

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  • Min Frequency Response
  • Max Frequency Response
  • Sensitivity
  1. The lowest frequency the speaker can produce
    Lower is better
  2. 4  BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S
    38.0 Hz
  3. 53.0 Hz
  4. 65.0 Hz
  5. 55.0 Hz
  6. Category Average
    63.67 Hz


BIC America may not be a well-known brand name, but they can still produce a quality product. The magnetically-shielded drivers can produce a wide range of sound. It has a compact design, though it is heavier than many other center speakers. There aren't many options for customer support on the manufacturer's site, but there still is enough to answer your questions, if needed. The BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S center speaker is able to hold its own among today's big names in audio equipment.

BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S Visit Site

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