Pros / This speaker has deep bass frequency response.

Cons / This speaker is not as efficient as others in our lineup and is underpowered.

 Verdict / This is the most affordable speaker in our lineup. It is a smart buy if you don't want to spend much.

The Pioneer SP-C22 is part of the Andrew Jones signature series. Andrew Jones is a veteran speaker engineer and is considered one of the great speaker engineers of our time. The SP-C22 is the center speaker from the SP line that includes bookshelf speakers and floor standing speakers as well.

This is the most affordable home theater center speaker in our lineup. This sub $100 speaker is a steal in terms of quality for the money. Inside the enclosure you'll find three drivers – a single 1-inch tweeter and dual 4-inch woofers. Surprisingly, for smaller woofers, these actually have low bass response. This center speaker has the ability to dip down to 55Hz, which put it among the best low-end performers we reviewed.

On the other end of the spectrum, the center speaker can reach up to 20kHz. Other speakers in our review offer more top-end response, which helps deliver clearer ambient noises and helps bridge the sound gap between your center speaker and surround sound speakers.

This small center speaker's sensitivity rating is just 88dB. Speakers with a high sensitivity rating, around 90dB, require less power to operate and generally produce better sound quality. Unfortunately, this speaker is the least efficient in our lineup. This speaker is also fairly weak in terms of power when compared to the rest of the speakers in our review. It has a maximum recommended amplifier power rating of 90 watts. The best units in our review are rated for around 120 or more watts. This low sensitivity and power rating might make it difficult to pair this center speaker with other speakers outside of the Pioneer family.

This is also one of the tallest center speakers in our lineup. You want to make sure that the height of the center speaker doesn't block your TV's remote control sensor. It might be best to place this center speaker on another shelf below the TV if it does block the sensor. This speaker is only available in black.

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  • Min Frequency Response
  • Max Frequency Response
  • Sensitivity
  1. The lowest frequency the speaker can produce
    Lower is better
  2. 9  Pioneer SP-C22
    55.0 Hz
  3. 53.0 Hz
  4. 65.0 Hz
  5. 55.0 Hz
  6. Category Average
    63.67 Hz


The Pioneer SP-C22 is a little underpowered and has low sensitivity compared to other speakers we reviewed. It has exceptional bass response and provides optimum value for a center speaker. If you are on a strict budget, you should consider this Pioneer speaker.

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