Pros / This system is extremely compact. Even the subwoofer is small.

Cons / They produce big sound for their size, but don't expect these tiny speakers to shatter windows.

 Verdict / These home theater speakers are perfect for bedrooms or other small areas where space is a premium.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Cambridge Audio Minx is produced in Britain and was specially designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing sound quality or volume. This is naturally a difficult balancing act and these home theater speakers do loose a certain amount of quality in the size trade-off—but a lot less than you might imagine.

This surround sound system produces a range of frequencies between 39 and 20,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 85 decibels. These performance indicators are nothing special (especially the low sensitivity, which indicates power economy) but they are good for the size. The power handling is lower than normal, accepting between 15 to 50 watts where competitors can typically go up to 100. The low-pass crossover covers a wide range, from 50 Hz up to 200.

These home theater speakers pack quite a few interesting technological innovations. The drivers are a hybrid of a wave-bending NXT panel (typically used in flat panel speakers) and a traditional driver. This unique configuration contributes to the production of sound much bigger than the fluffy-dashboard-dice sized cabinet would suggest. The subwoofer sports a 9"x9" cabinet made of black acrylic with a 6.5" forward firing driver and two passive radiators to help produce lower frequencies. The sub includes a wireless port in the back, which is a very interesting feature. Unfortunately, the tech required to use the wireless port is not included in the speaker package. Other features include the following:

  • Resonance resistant cabinets
  • Magnetically shielded speakers
  • Removable covers

This home theater system performs well on music and movies, which makes it more versatile for bedroom use. Audio lovers will note that the higher sounds stick out a little bit, especially as the volume climbs. The sound is clear and articulate but lacks depth, though the bass delivers much more than it looks like it would.

Each speaker comes equipped with keyhole wall mounts and special clips to provide the necessary spacing to admit speaker wire. In place of the traditional 5-way binding posts, these surround sound speakers have uniquely engineered terminals that accept spades and bare wire. If you pull the terminals all the way out, you will find two jacks for banana plugs.

The Minx home theater speaker system comes with a basic warranty that covers five years for labor and parts for all passive speaker components. Electrical components (such as the amp in the powered subwoofer) receive no mention in the terms of the warranty. The warranty will not cover damage incurred during shipping or as the result of an accident or misuse.

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The Cambridge Audio Minx is the system to choose if you are living in cramped quarters and don't want to deal with larger speakers. They are small enough to be virtually invisible and produce good sound. They aren't likely to blow you away in terms of sheer power, but that is no surprise coming from a cube half the size of most competitors.

Cambridge Audio Minx s215 v2 Visit Site