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LG SH6 Review

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PROS / It has strong bass production even without a subwoofer.

CONS / The sound bar is large and takes up a lot of room in front of your TV.

 VERDICT / This LG sound bar has a big and clear sound that’s good for both movies and music.

The LG SH6 is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner. We were impressed with the dialogue clarity and surround sound simulation as well as its bass production despite not having a dedicated subwoofer. This sound bar system allows you to connect to your home Wi-Fi, and with the LG Music Flow app, music can be streamed from a phone or tablet to the sound bar over the Wi-Fi network. There is a lot to like about this LG sound bar.

  1. This is how far the remote can be from the sound bar and remain operational.
    More is Better.
  2. 2 LG
    60 ft.
  3. 55 ft.
  4. 40 ft.
  5. Category Average
    54.40 ft.

Audio Performance

The LG sound bar has three different sound modes: Standard, Movie and ASC (Adaptive Sound Control). ASC automatically adjusts the sound based on what you are watching. For our testing, we stuck to the movie mode for movies and used both ASC and standard modes for music.

The first movie we watched to test the LG sound bar was “Star Trek Beyond.” We were expecting the sound bar to have lackluster bass response because it lacks a dedicated subwoofer, but we were wrong. It actually produces a good amount of bass that adds an extra low-end boost to action scenes and explosions. Instead of having a subwoofer, the LG has two air ducts that help amplify low-end response. The ported LG sound bar stayed in contention with many of the sound bars that have a dedicated subwoofer, which was impressive.

During “Star Trek Beyond,” we noticed how big and wide the LG sounded. The TV sound bar can truly fill up a room with the soundtrack of a movie. There is a scene where the starship Enterprise is falling apart. Throughout the scene you can hear a low rumble in the background and parts of the ship breaking in the distance. This displayed a large, deep soundscape that makes you feel like you're in the ship.

At times, the soundtrack could be a hair too forward in the mix, making dialogue slightly less clear than other speakers. That doesn't mean the soundtrack was completely downing out the dialogue – only slightly.

After our movie testing was complete, we turned to music. We heard great balance in the sound quality when we listened to “Weird Fishes” by Radiohead. There are a lot of melodic, harmonizing guitar arpeggios that continually layer on top of one another throughout the song. As we listened through the LG home theater sound bar, we noticed that none of the guitar work was lost, which would happen with other sound bars. The LG has an openness to the sound quality that allows all of the instruments to breathe and come through. Even the vocals at full strength didn’t drown out any of the guitar work.

During “Relax” by Lettuce, the music sounded richer than many of the other TV sound bars, and we didn't even have the bass turned all the way up. During “House of Cards” by Radiohead, we heard crisper high-hats and brighter guitar work than many of the sound bars. We were impressed overall with the sound quality of this LG system.


The best sound bars in our comparison are Wi-Fi enabled. The LG SH6 can connect to your home network and stream music over Wi-Fi with the LG Music Flow app. Wi-Fi streaming provides better audio quality as well as better range than Bluetooth. The LG sound bar connects anywhere in your home as long as you have Wi-Fi signal. The Music Flow App is convenient to use, too. It allows you to access all of the music on your phone or tablet right within the application.

This home theater sound bar has Bluetooth connectivity as well as optical, auxiliary and HDMI connections. HDMI is the best way to connect your sound bar to your TV. It can receive higher-resolution audio than optical cables, resulting in better audio quality.


One of the first things we noticed when we unboxed the sound bar is how large it is. It's 41.72 inches long and over 5 inches deep. It takes up more room than anticipated. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of space in front of your TV to place the sound bar. You’ll also want to make sure the IR repeater is plugged in. Since the sound bar is 3 inches tall, it tends to block many of the remote control receivers on the front of TVs. The IR repeater resends the signal from your TV remote so it reaches your TV.

Once the sound bar is connected to your TV, you can control its basic functions – like volume –with your normal TV remote. It is a cool feature and keeps you from having to switch remotes when you want to adjust volume.

Help & Support

The LG sound bar is covered by a one-year warranty on parts and labor. LG is available by way of live chat, phone and email for product support.


The LG sound bar impressed with good bass production, big sound and great overall tonal quality. It features many connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and HDMI. This sound bar is a little more expensive than others we reviewed, but the high-end sound merits the price.