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Elliptical Machines Reviews

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Elliptical Machines Review

Why Buy an Elliptical Trainer?

Going to the local gym to work out can be a challenge in our busy world. Besides that, not everyone is comfortable exercising around other people. Elliptical trainers allow you to get in shape without leaving your home. Once you make a decision that you’re going to get fit, the next step is finding the right machine to facilitate your home workout. Elliptical machines are a newer technology than treadmills but are becoming the exercise machine of choice for many people because of their low-impact approach.

You can find reviews and information about the best elliptical machines available such as the ProForm Smart Strider 935 E, the ProForm 1310 E and the NordicTrack Elite 12.7. You can also find informative articles about elliptical bikes.

Elliptical Trainer: What to Look For

An elliptical trainer may look one-dimensional with its steady, flowing motion, but it is an extremely versatile machine with many presets that keep your arms and legs moving. Whether your goal is to lose weight, firm muscles, increase endurance or just get fit and look good, elliptical trainers are a valuable tool. Using an elliptical trainer for exercise offers a powerful cardiovascular workout that is easier on the joints and lower back than pounding the pavement while running or even working out on a treadmill. It also works just as well for beginners as seasoned athletes. It can even be used by people who have sustained prior injuries, despite the fact that it is a weight-bearing form of exercise. We have included key features to look for in the best elliptical machines.

Equipment Design

We reviewed each elliptical trainer's design, both rear- and front-drive models. The most important consideration is how much weight the elliptical machine can hold. People wanting to purchase exercise equipment generally need to lose weight, so be sure to choose a model that can support your starting weight.

It is also important to look at the stride length, especially if you are over 6 feet tall or under 5 1/2 feet tall. The average stride length is 20 inches, but you may need a longer or shorter adjustment, depending on your height.

The range of resistance levels and incline are also important to consider. These features allow you to increase the toughness of your workouts. Flywheel weight is an important factor for the smoothness of the gliding action. The heavier the flywheel, in comparison to your weight and strength, the smoother your steps will feel. 

Workout Programs
Preset workouts make it easy for you to choose programs that help you meet your goals. The best elliptical trainers will offer dozens of presets. Look for models with 20 or 30 presets if you get bored easily with routines. If your goals include losing weight, building strength or endurance, look for elliptical bikes that have Fat Burner, Strength or Cross Training programs. We compared how many preset programs each elliptical machine comes with and the variety of workouts. You’ll want to have the ability to increase or reduce the incline or resistance automatically while you work out.

Every elliptical machine monitors your progress including distance, estimated calories burned, workout duration and your heart rate. The best machines are compatible with online apps that help track your progress, heart rate and more. If your heart rate is important to your workout plan, look for an elliptical that is compatible with a chest strap to allow your elliptical bike to monitor your heart rate continuously.

Built-in Accessories
We reviewed the extras that come with each elliptical and found that the best elliptical machines included water bottle holders, cooling fans, speakers and MP3 player jacks. Other extras to look for include book or tablet holders and the ability to connect to your home wireless network. Such built-in accessories help you stay engaged while working out, eliminating the boredom factor some people experience while working out.

Warranty & Support
Since elliptical trainers are generally a substantial investment, it is important to have a good warranty in case problems arise. We looked at the length of the warranties each company offers for the frame, parts and labor. The best elliptical trainers come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, at least three years on parts and one year for labor. Company support comes in handy for things such as assembly questions and getting answers to any problems that might arise.

Getting in shape takes time, dedication and tenacity. There is no need to be uncomfortable or stressed at a gym when you can get fit at home with an elliptical machine. Use our research criteria to find the best elliptical machine for your needs and establish a regular exercise routine to get fit in the comfort of your own home with the schedule you choose.

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