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Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Review

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PROS / This elliptical learns your workout style and automatically adjusts your program to help you strengthen, train and reach your fitness goals.

CONS / This model's warranty isn’t very long.

 VERDICT / The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is a good option for a cross-trainer, since its unique design is great for cardio strengthening and building endurance.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 elliptical bike is a sturdy exercise machine with a unique design for excellent cardio workouts. This machine has a higher flywheel than most and foot pedals designed to encourage a steeper, lateral stride that mimics the motion of stepping up rather than pedaling as most elliptical cross-trainers do. However, the workout programs and dual handlebars are features that make this a good elliptical machine.

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This elliptical cross-trainer has 11 preset workout programs and 20 resistance levels, so you can create a rigorous workout machine or tone it way back for an easier fitness routine. Because there are so many programs and the option to set four different user profiles on the dual LCD/LED control panel, multiple people can customize a comfortable workout routine without disrupting others' programs.

  1. How much weight the elliptical can support.
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  2. 8 Bowflex
    300 Pounds
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  4. 325 Pounds
  5. 300 Pounds
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    337.50 Pounds

One useful feature of the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 elliptical is its ability to instinctively learn your workout style and goals, and create a random program to help you target specific muscle groups, burn calories or fat, and challenge you as you work toward your overall fitness goals. Since this machine is capable of supporting four individual users, each profile holds individual workout goals for the exercise trainer to learn and create challenging fitness routines.

There are two sets of handlebars, a stationary and a motion set. These two sets of handlebars allow you to focus your workout on the lower core muscle group or your whole body. The heart rate monitor is located on the stationary handlebars, which is typical for elliptical exercise machines. The motion handlebars are designed so you can focus on strengthening specific arm muscles depending on where you hold onto them.

A great feature of the Bowflex M7 is its compatibility with many popular fitness apps and online tracking programs. These include MyFitnessPal, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. It also comes with a tracking program from Bowflex that helps you set, track and reach fitness goals.

As part of the console, this elliptical trainer includes a holder that is sturdy enough to hold either a book or your mobile device, including a tablet. This is positioned higher than the console so you don’t have to worry about anything slipping and accidentally resetting the program you are working on. A lower holder is large enough to hold both your water and a good-sized TV remote.

This elliptical requires you to put it together, but you can pay extra for in-home assembly as part of the delivery service. This extra cost could be well over $100, but this may be worth it to ensure your Bowflex M7 is properly put together.

This elliptical trainer doesn’t have as extensive of a warranty as others in our review. Parts are covered for three years, which is typical for this industry, but labor is only covered for 90 days. Additionally, there is no warranty on the frame like those included with the best elliptical machines. Bowflex doesn’t have a lot of support options either. It does have email and telephone support, but no other resources, such as online user guides or a FAQs section.


The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is a great elliptical with a unique design that requires you to move in more lateral positions to encourage better cardiovascular health and strength training. It also has a unique fitness tracking program that learns your workout routine, analyzes your exercise goals and adjusts the program you are running to help you better achieve your desired end result. The biggest drawback is the scant warranty, with only 90 days of coverage for labor, and limited support options.

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