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Pros / There are 32 workout presets.

Cons / This elliptical doesn’t include a chest strap heart monitor.

 Verdict / The NordicTrack C9.5 is the best elliptical trainer because of its smart design and the included high-tech monitoring features.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

The NordicTrack C9.5 is the best elliptical machine on our review. It has an impressive amount of workout options and is designed to allow a smooth workout, plus accessories and options to help support your fitness goals while creating a fun environment. These are all reasons the NordicTrack C9.5 is the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for elliptical trainers.

  • Maximum User Weight
  • Maximum Stride Length
  • Flywheel Weight
  • Number of User Profiles
  • Resistance Levels
  • Workout Presets
  1. How much weight the elliptical can support.
    More is Better.
  2. 1  NordicTrack
    350.0 Pounds
  3. 2  AFG
    325.0 Pounds
  4. 300.0 Pounds
  5. Category Average
    337.5 Pounds

Equipment Design

This elliptical trainer is designed to handle faced-pace and high impact movements. It includes a heavy flywheel that makes the movement smooth and an adjustable stride length with a maximum length of 20 inches. Professional trainers suggest that this is the most comfortable length for the majority of elliptical users. It will also accommodate up to 350 pounds, which is good for an elliptical machine as the standard is typically around 300 pounds.

The step-up height for this machine is about 11 inches. This helps you figure out whether the machine will fit nicely in a particular room and have enough ceiling clearance while on the machine. One feature missing in this design is a safety mechanism that locks the elliptical when not in use. This feature is handy if you have little children who may find the elliptical machine curious and want to play with it. However, not many ellipticals include this.

High-Tech & Monitoring Features

More and more elliptical trainers are including high-tech features that help you monitor your progress and reach your fitness goals. The NordicTrack C9.5 has an LCD console monitor and includes the ability to create four individual user profiles. Additionally, it will connect wirelessly to your home internet network which allows it to connect with popular online fitness programs, such as iFit. This allows both the console program and the online app to record and monitor your progress and share your workout goals with others through social media and online support groups.

This elliptical trainer has heart monitoring sensors on the stationary handle bars. By griping these bars while exercising, the NordicTrack C9.5 is able to track and save your heart rate to help you keep it within save levels. This exercise machine is able to record your heart rate with a wireless chest strap monitor, however it is not included, so you will have to purchase this monitor separately.

Workout Programs

One of the best feature of the NordicTrack C9.5 is the workout presets. This elliptical machine has an impressive 32 workout programs. This includes basic program, such as fat burning, calorie burning and cardio. Other programs include specific workouts for cross training and a hill climb setting. The 22 resistance levels let you make any workout more challenging. You can also adjust the incline with the touch of a button.

One unique workout program included with the NordicTrack C9.5 is the Target Heart Rate. This program knows, based on your individual profile and fitness goals, where your heart rate should be during a specific workout and will automatically adjust the workout program to help keep you within the target range for that particular fitness goal.

Built-in Accessories

While design and workout programs are important parts of any elliptical machine, it is helpful when accessories are included to make your exercise routine more enjoyable. The NordicTrack C9.5 has a water bottle holder and speakers that will enhance the sound of your music when your iPod or MP3 play is plugged into it. Both of these are standard features of all elliptical machines. This particular elliptical model also includes a tablet holder that is located at the top of the console so you can watch a show and keep an eye on your progress on the console screen. It also has a personal cooling fan that you can position to help keep you more comfortable as you work hard to stay healthy.

Warranty & Support

The NordicTrack C9.5 includes a typical warranty for an elliptical machine. It has a three-year warranty on the part of the machine and a lifetime warranty on the frame. The labor warranty is good for one year.

We were able to find most of our questions about the NordicTrack C9.5 by accessing the FAQs section and the user guide from the NordicTrack website. Some questions required us to reach out to the live support through both telephone and email. It took a while to receive a response, and even then some of our questions were never answered, but overall the support experience wasn’t a big drawback of the product itself.


The NordicTrack C9.5 is the best elliptical cross trainer on our review. Compared to other models, this elliptical has a lot more workout presets and custom features to help you create and reach fitness goals regardless of how rigorous they are. This machine is designed to be able to handle a lot of pressure and weight and the high-tech capabilities let you easily save and share your progress. It is able to monitor your heart rate with a chest strap; however, this type of monitor is not included as part of the elliptical purchase price.

NordicTrack C9.5 Visit Site