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Pros / You can adjust the stride length up to 28.25 inches.

Cons / You can't save workout programs under individual user profiles.

 Verdict / The Precor EFX 225 focuses on providing you with an enjoyable workout experience while featuring enough workout programs and variations to keep you focused on your overall fitness goals.

The Precor EFX 225 is included in our review of the best elliptical machines because of its sturdy design, workout programs and accessories to enhance your workout experience. One impressive feature is the option to adjust the stride length. While many ellipticals stop at 20 inches, the Precor lets you increase it to 28.25 inches, making this a versatile machine capable of accommodating extra-tall users.

This elliptical has both moving and stationary handlebars with touch sensors for monitoring your heart rate. These handlebars let you choose between doing a full-body workout or focusing on your lower core muscles. The touch sensors on both sets of handlebars enable you to keep track of your heart rate regardless of the workout. While the Precor EFX is compatible with Polar brand wireless and chest strap heart monitors, you will have to purchase these separately, since they are not included in the purchase price of the elliptical machine.

While the Precor EFX is a great exercise machine and mimics many ellipticals found in fitness facilities, it lacks many of the high-tech features of the best elliptical trainers. It doesn't have cloud-based workout tracking or connections with fitness trackers and social media to track and share your progress. While these are sometimes seen as luxury items, they are becoming more and more popular as additional fitness support options. The Precor EFX does record information and share it with iFit if you have a subscription.

The Precor EFX 225 has 10 preset workout programs, including fat burning, cross-training and target heart rate settings. One workout program it's missing is a custom program that lets you determine an exercise routine just for yourself. Also, even though the console allows you to monitor two different users, you can’t designate workout routines to save under only one person’s profile.

One unique feature of the Precor EFX 225 elliptical is the embedded music controls. Once you plug in your music device, such as an iPod or cell phone, and plug your headphones into the included jack, you can control your music options and volume from the elliptical’s LCD touch controls. This also works with your tablet if you wish to watch television or a movie with your mobile device.

The Precor doesn’t come assembled, but it comes with instructions to put it together. If you purchase your machine directly from Precor, the company assembles and sets it up for you as part of the delivery and handling charge.

Precor does have a FAQs section on its website, but it is difficult to locate. It also has an extensive, searchable database that includes articles, podcasts, and videos about topics such as health, fitness training and weight loss.

  • Maximum User Weight
  • Maximum Stride Length
  • Flywheel Weight
  • Number of User Profiles
  • Resistance Levels
  • Workout Presets
  1. How much weight the elliptical can support.
    More is Better.
  2. 5  Precor
    500.0 Pounds
  3. 350.0 Pounds
  4. 2  AFG
    325.0 Pounds
  5. 300.0 Pounds
  6. Category Average
    337.5 Pounds


The Precor EFX 225 has a lot of high-tech features and accessories to make your exercise routine more enjoyable. For instance, you can connect your tablet or music device, such as an iPod or MPS player, to the speakers and control them from the console. There are two user profiles, so you and a friend or family member can both track your progress; however, you cannot save specific workout programs under either profile. The 10 workout presets give you a variety of options to reach your fitness goals, but custom programming is not available.

Precor EFX 225 Visit Site