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Smooth Agile DMT X2 Review

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PROS / This elliptical offers pre-set programs as well as those you can tailor to your specific exercise needs.

CONS / This machine does not come with a water bottle holder.

 VERDICT / This elliptical trainer gives you a thorough and varied workout as well as fun extras such as an iPod docking station.

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Smooth Agile DMT X2

Anyone who dreads working out might turn into a fitness enthusiast after trying one of the Smooth Agile DMT elliptical cross trainers. These trainers provide excellent workouts for your heart and lungs, pump those legs and arms and fuel up that calorie-burning metabolism to terrific levels.

In particular, the Smooth Agile DMT X2 elliptical machine offers a variety of exercise programs, including both preset programs and those you can custom-tailor, as well as the convenience of a thumb-touch adjustment button. It also boasts an iPod docking station with speakers so you can rock on while you knock off that flab.

Equipment Design

 Athletes and workout veterans undoubtedly will appreciate the fact that, unlike some elliptical machines, you can adjust the motion of this elliptical trainer with 12 ranges of motion for moving your feet and legs. It also provides 16 intensity levels, so you can vary your workouts, get fit quicker and still take it easy on those hard-working joints and lower back. In fact, the manufacturer insists this machine is just the thing for anyone who has suffered prior knee injuries because its particular oval-shaped leg motion is designed to avoid long-term knee pain.

One of the best benefits of the Smooth Agile DMT X2 Elliptical is that its stride is a generous 18-21 inches and you can adjust it as needed. This makes it ideal for families, since people who are taller or shorter and who have differing stride lengths will not have to strain to use a machine that is not suitable for them. Everyone in the household who can use an elliptical machine can work out on this model by simply changing the stride length until it feels comfortable and safe.

This elliptical comes equipped with 15 preset workout programs built into the machine. You also can make use of five custom programs, which will give you the option of varying the degree of energy and effort needed to complete that particular day’s workout.

This unit's preset workout programs include such things as an interval program, with high and low intensity levels; an interval motion body-sculpting program that focuses on core muscle groups; an endurance program intended to be a fat-burning routine; a program where you set the wattage level of the machine so your workout is constant throughout; and a heart rate control program that can be adjusted as needed.

In addition, you can choose three target programs (each determining either the amount of time exercised, the distance “traveled” or the number of calories burned). This option gives you the chance to focus on whatever it is you believe your body needs, such as calorie-burning to lose weight or distance running to build endurance.

The movable handlebars give you a solid upper-body workout. They also help boost the cardiovascular benefits of an exercise session with an elliptical.

Smooth Fitness may put you to work when it comes to exercise, but its adjustability offers great convenience, and it also has a worthwhile safety feature: You can change the intensity and motion of your exercise session by using a simple “Lite Touch Thumb Control,” which you can do without letting go of the handlebars. In addition, you can automatically adjust the incline from zero to 35 degrees, a feature that can add or subtract when it comes to exertion levels.

Workout Programs

This elliptical cross trainer offers a 20-pound flywheel, which is a healthy size in the world of elliptical machines. It measures 74 inches long, 32 inches wide and 63 inches high, and weighs in at 223 pounds. It can accommodate workouts by someone who weighs as much as 350 pounds. For safety purposes, the flywheel is fully enclosed. To track your progress, you can see what is going on with your exercise situation via the elliptical’s LCD display on the console.



This elliptical is equipped with a 20-pound flywheel and is good-sized, so you should feel secure while exercising. This machine is 74 inches long, 32 inches wide and 63 inches high, and it weighs 223 pounds. This device should make you feel well positioned during any exercise routine, since it is designed to accommodate users weighing up to 350 pounds. With these dimensions, you should not experience any unsteadiness or wobbling.

The rear flywheel on this elliptical cross trainer is fully enclosed, which is a great safety feature – especially if you have children in the home. However, it does not come with a locking pin.

Built-in Accessories

Smooth Fitness does well when it comes to warranties. You get a lifetime warranty on this elliptical’s frame and braking system. There also is a seven-year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty for labor. Customer service and support is an area where Smooth Fitness does an excellent job. There is a toll-free phone number and email support if you run into any questions or problems.


You can get just the workout you want with this versatile and durable elliptical trainer. Along the way, you can be entertained by music, be encouraged by a professional fitness expert and make important adjustments in the exercising that you are doing by merely moving your thumb. For convenience, helpful features and an exercise challenge that is tailored exactly to your health needs, the Smooth Agile DMT X2 is a sound choice.

Smooth Agile DMT X2