Medical Alert Bracelets Review

Why Buy a Medical Alert Bracelet?

If you suffer from a life-threatening medical condition, have an allergy or take life-saving medications, a medical alert bracelet can notify others about your health concerns. Medical alert bracelets inform health care workers, paramedics or doctors about any critical medical conditions you have. A medical ID bracelet compiles your vital medical information either on paper or on in a digital file. Some also offer the option to engrave critical information on the piece.

Medical alert bracelets are useful for conditions like diabetes, heart problems, pulmonary conditions and illnesses that affect memory like Alzheimer's. You may benefit from having one if you suffer from serious allergies, hearing or sight loss, rare diseases or other medical conditions. Three popular medical alert bracelets are the CARE Medical History Bracelet, the Emergency Medical ID Bracelet from Health ID, and American Medical ID's Lynx Roman Bracelet.

Medical Alert Bracelets: What to Look For

A number of medic alert bracelets are available with various features and functionality. Before you purchase one, you should think about what is best for your specific needs and consider the following factors.

The User
An important thing to consider when purchasing this type of jewelry is who will be wearing it. You should choose a medical alert bracelet that suits your clothing and lifestyle.

If you are purchasing a medical ID bracelet for a child, you should choose something stylish and colorful. This ensures he or she will wear it voluntarily, and that the bracelet is noticeable. If the bracelet is for yourself or an adult, you should choose a look that is suitable for both the office and a night out. You can even purchase multiple bracelets and mix and match them with your outfits. If the medic alert bracelet is for an older adult, consider something simple but stylish that he or she won't mind wearing all the time.

Medical alert bracelets come in various materials like cord and stainless steel. If you're looking for something durable, you might consider a mesh or rubber medic alert bracelet, particularly if you enjoy playing sports. A good-quality stainless steel bracelet is an ideal multipurpose option because it won't clash with fine jewelry and it stands up to wear and tear due to its noncorrosive properties.

Bracelet Type
There are three kinds of medical ID bracelets: engraveable, USB and those with handwritten details. The type you need depends on how much information you wish to store. USB bracelets have the most capacity, and you typically have the option to secured very sensitive data -- like insurance information -- with a PIN or password. Engraved bracelets often only hold a few words; however, engraved bracelets are the easiest for medical personnel to use and identify. Those with handwritten details are a good compromise, but they may not be as durable as the other two.

Whatever type of medical alert bracelet you choose, make sure you find one that holds your vital medical information while being comfortable and stylish. With the wide variety of choices available, there is something for everyone.