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The Stannah Sadler is a unique curved stairlift for people with limited mobility and flexibility. Although there is only one color option for the chair's upholstery, Stannah offers the rail in six colors to match a wide range of decors.

The Sadler has a slim profile even while unfolded, so it fits staircases that are too narrow to accommodate regular stairlifts. The slimline rail fits a wide range of curved staircases, and you can install it on either side of the stairwell. To ensure installation is quick and not messy, Stannah designed the rail to go on the staircase itself and not the wall. However, the Stannah Sadler rail requires professional installation, especially if you want it tailor-made for your staircase.

This stairlift has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is comparable to the AmeriGlide Horizon and the Harmar Alpine II. By raising and lowering with you when you ride it, this innovative chair also minimizes the weight on your legs, and the elevated seat position makes it easy to enter and exit the chair.

The tilting perch seat of the Sadler is both its biggest strength and biggest weakness. It works beautifully and is immensely comfortable to ride, but repairs can be costly and require an approved Stannah technician.

In addition to the tilting seat, the Sadler lessens the strain on you in other ways. For example, folding the arms of the chair automatically folds up the footrest. Another convenient feature is the retractable seat belt that only requires one hand to pull and secure; the lift will not operate unless you fasten the belt. Safety sensors at the edges of the carriage and footrest prevent the chair from running up against obstructions.

The easy-to-reach control on the arm of the chair requires only a light touch, as does the wall-mounted control for calling and sending the carriage up and down the stairs. However, there is no handheld remote control that allows you to call this handicap stairlift while you're coming to use it.

The Stannah Sadler is an elegant, reliable and comfortable curved stairlift with a novel seat design. Its tilting seat and self-folding footrest are especially helpful to people with limited flexibility. However, the uniqueness of the Sadler's design also means that installation and repair are expensive and require Stannah-trained professionals.

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