DASH for Health Visit Site

Pros / DASH for Health connects you to experts to help you work toward your goals.

Cons / The website is rather outdated.

 Verdict / DASH for Health can teach you a new and healthier way of eating, but it is not the strongest diet service when it comes to connecting with fellow dieters for support.

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, or DASH, was developed in cooperation with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to prevent or reduce high blood pressure. This program promotes a balanced diet that has proven effective for lowering the risk of heart disease, heart failure and stroke. It has also helped people lose weight. DASH for Health is an online diet service that can help you learn and follow the DASH diet, though it lacks the highly useful community aspect.

With DASH for Health, you get a set of integrated tools and direct access to professionals to help you reach your goals. Getting started with this service involves entering all of your vital statistics as well as your goals so you can choose an eating plan that makes sense for you. The website is bursting with healthful and delicious recipes that you can plug into a wide variety of suggested eating plans. The plans are divided into vegetarian and meat-eater categories and are further organized by calorie levels – from 1,200 a day to 3,600 a day. The initial health evaluation suggests a daily calorie intake based on your weight loss or other goals.

The diet works well for weight loss and for related health benefits if you follow it closely, but the website has some weaknesses, including a broken link or two and a rather outdated look and feel. The lack of a coordinating phone app only adds to the outdated feel of this service compared to the best online diet plans. The most important tools are mostly there, though. They just aren't packaged nicely. But DASH for Health can help you learn the DASH diet, which is widely respected by experts in all related fields.

One thing that you may miss with any online dieting strategy is the support of a community. Most dieting websites create a virtual version of a supportive community by matching you up with a dieting buddy, hosting blogs and organizing weight loss competitions. DASH for Health has none of that. There is a Facebook page, and you do have email access to registered dietitians, but this program does less overall than its competitors to help you feel a sense of community with fellow dieters.


There are many ways to learn the DASH diet, and DASH for Health is one effective way. A more modern website and a more active DASH dieting community would make this program stronger, but if you follow the eating plans outlined in DASH for Health, you can start to see a change in your weight and in your overall health.

DASH for Health Visit Site