Pros / Fast Track to Fat Loss is designed to help you build a custom fat-burning plan that works for you.

Cons / Aside from meal and workout logs, the program doesn't provide any other tracking tools.

 Verdict / Fast Track to Fat Loss can be an effective and healthy way to lose weight if you are motivated to follow and stick with the program.

Editor’s Note: This service is still available but no longer fits the criteria of this review. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Fast Track to Fat Loss is a weight-loss diet that uses a combination of online tools and printed materials to help you shed excess weight. At first glance, the diet plan seems gimmicky compared to other online diet services we reviewed. However, it provides the fundamental tools and resources you need to effectively lose weight.

The Fast Track to Fat Loss system is comprised of an online community, videos and printed materials. You can opt to download the latter directly to your computer, or have printed copies shipped to you. In its entirety, this healthy eating plan focuses on how to burn fat through your diet. It teaches you specific foods to eat to maximize your weight loss and all about portion control. We especially like the meal ideas included in the program. Fast Track to Fat Loss includes recipes for meals, snacks and desserts that conform to the diet. The system also includes a reference guide that shows you how to stay healthy while meal planning and dining out. Diet tools such as these are important for all weight-loss programs because they eliminate guesswork and teach you exactly what you should eat to see the results you want. Most important, the program teaches you how to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. This means you burn more calories than you consume, which ultimately results in weight loss.

Exercise is the other key component of the program. Videos with the program's trainers show you how to perform exercises that target specific "fat zones" on your body. There is also a workout planner that helps you build customize workouts and exercise plans. To craft the perfect workout plan, you can factor in your schedule, available equipment, weight goals and current fitness level.

We like that this online diet service is completely based on customization. As long as you follow the guidelines, you can eat what you want and plan workouts that fit your lifestyle and schedule. Fast Track to Fat Loss also encourages you to apply the program's principles in combinations that work for you.

Although customization is a compelling pro, one of the cons with this weight-loss diet is that it doesn't provide any tracking features beyond its exercise and meal logs. Other online diet services we reviewed offer comprehensive online tracking tools that record other vital weight-loss factors, including calories consumed, current BMI and nutrient intake. You'll also to have track your weight-loss progress on your own. Without tracking functionality, this healthy eating plan requires a lot of motivation and effort on your part to track your own results.

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Fast Track to Fat Loss is a decent online diet service that can help you shed weight – if you're willing to stick with it. The program isn't as comprehensive or interactive as other weight-loss programs we reviewed, but its endless customization options may make it the right plan for you if you seek flexibility in an online diet service.

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