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Paleo Plan Review

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PROS / It sends diet plans out to you on a weekly basis.

CONS / The website doesn't have any tracking capabilities or tools.

 VERDICT / The Paleo Plan provides insight into starting a paleo lifestyle, but there is little support and few tools online.

The Paleo Plan introduces you to the paleo diet, a diet meant to be similar to that of our earliest ancestors. It relies on meats, fish, vegetables and fruits, avoiding any kind of processed foods. You can think of it as walking into a grocery store and staying near the borders, avoiding the aisles in the middle. The Paleo Plan gives you an online diet service that educates you on the system and keeps you on track with a variety of meals, but it lacks most of the reasons for joining an online diet service.

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The positive aspects of the Paleo Plan are its recipes and meal ideas. Plans are updated on your dashboard on a weekly basis. If there is a meal you don't prefer, you can delete it and add your personal preference, though the editing system isn't intuitive. You have to remove meals on one page and create others on another. Many other online weight loss plans are easier to use.

This plan is fairly restrictive and difficult to follow, especially for vegetarians. While it isn't impossible to follow a paleo diet as a vegetarian, the Paleo Plan doesn't provide resources to help. With its customizable menus, it requires a lot of work to find and replace recipes that make meat the main component.

Our biggest complaint about the Paleo Plan is that online tools and support are nearly nonexistent. The best online diet services provide calorie counters, weight trackers and food logs, but the Paleo Plan is dependent on its meal plans and virtual fitness trainings. There are no online support groups or any sense of community either. It's just you and the creators of the site, who upload videos to motivate you from time to time. This weight loss plan does have a couple of active social media pages, with a couple posts each day to encourage good eating and exercise habits.

There is a blog on the website that is updated frequently, but very little else as far as customer service. If you need to get in touch or have concerns about your account, the only way to reach out is through email. There isn't a contact form on the site either. You need to copy the email address provided and send the message through your personal email. We found that the responses are not timely.


Overall, what you receive from the Paleo Plan doesn't justify the amount you pay. This is simply a site that provides meal plans and recipes, both of which you can find online at numerous paleo-friendly sites. Online diet services should give you service and not just a list of recipes compiled into a list and sent out to you every week.

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