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The Biggest Loser Club Review

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PROS / No food is off limits.

CONS / Logging what you eat can be time-consuming with this program.

 VERDICT / The Biggest Loser Club is an effective and safe online diet service, though it takes more time and effort than some of the best.

Western diets are producing larger and larger waistlines. Joining the Biggest Loser Club can be a good first step to shedding unwanted weight. It is the at-home weight loss program based on the popular reality television show "The Biggest Loser." This online diet service revamps your eating and fitness habits to help you lose weight. It follows the same basic principles as the trainers on the television show. The tactics it teaches are sound, and the online tools it provides can be useful in your efforts to shed those pesky pounds. However, you may find the program too labor-intensive to actually stick with it.

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Similar to other weight loss programs in our online diet websites comparison, this one incorporates two proven tactics for weight loss: an active lifestyle and calorie restriction. It's the same diet and fitness program used on the show, but personalized for you. The program provides plenty of tools and resources to jump-start your weight loss, including recipes, meal plans, individualized exercise routines and progress tracking. The tracking tools include a calorie counter and weight tracker. Our Biggest Loser Club tester enjoyed the access to so many healthy recipes, including vegetarian and gluten-free options, but found some of the tracking tools to be cumbersome.

The Biggest Loser Club doesn't ban entire food groups the way some diet plans do, so for the most part, you have the flexibility to eat what you want. However, the program emphasizes the importance of choosing filling foods such as fresh produce, whole grains and lean protein sources.

Members of the program can post on message boards, contact each other and share inspirational stories, and the forums have continually improved as more people have joined the program. Under your personal profile, you can add buddies, post your progress and write blog posts. The community is set up like a social network for dieters. The Biggest Loser Club also encourages buddy challenges, similar to the ones featured on the show. It's likely that you'll have more success if you participate in this active community. One unique feature is the weight loss leaderboards, which foster healthy competition. There are also active Biggest Loser ambassadors in the forums who keep the community engaged.

With its strong emphasis on exercise and calorie restriction, this diet plan is ideal for dropping those initial few pounds quickly. However, its eating plans require a lot of grunt work and extra planning, which may make them difficult to stick with in the long term. The weight loss program provides lots of valuable resources, but preparing and following the recipes it provides can be tedious and time-consuming.

The tools for entering what you eat are not as sophisticated as those you get with the best online diets, which have more restaurant food listings. However, the way this site summarizes and formats results pages is straightforward and helpful.


The time and effort it requires to actually see results may make it tough for some people to follow, but the Biggest Loser Club is built on a safe, sound and effective method of losing weight. The Biggest Loser program can teach you how to lose weight if you stick with it.

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