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Hitch Fit Review

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PROS / Hitch Fit personalizes each program based on your body type, diet and personal habits.

CONS / This online fitness service does not have a mobile app to help you when you're on the go.

 VERDICT / With its many different plans and excellent personalized plans, Hitch Fit is a great online fitness service for reaching specific goals or preparing for events, though it's not as good for tracking your progress.

While most online fitness services offer customizable workout routines, Hitch Fit is one of the few that create specialized workout programs to target specific fitness needs. Hitch Fit provides just about everything you need to achieve your fitness goals, including DVDs, printable training guides, personal exercise plans and weekly feedback. It's not that suited to on-the-go workouts, though, as it lacks a mobile app and the videos are not available to stream directly from the website. However, the company does have a YouTube channel with numerous video clips, most under a minute long, that demonstrate proper techniques, which is important.

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Once you purchase a Hitch Fit workout plan based on your fitness goals, Hitch Fit sends you a questionnaire and a link to download a video and eBook. The book has general information on fitness and nutrition, while the video has demonstrations for the exercises you'll use. This gets you started while the site's trainers create a personalized plan for you. Even though there are not many trainers on staff, you still receive a personalized plan for your diet and exercise, which is an important factor in getting legitimate success from the best online personal trainer services. Hitch Fit enables you to find alternatives to your usual dietary habits, and it works with you to find the right diet and workouts for you.

Each program contains four to 36 weeks of workouts, depending on how often you exercise and which program you choose. The programs are divided by difficulty level; for example, the Look Like a Bikini Model program is more intense than the Lose Weight Feel Great program. In addition, individual exercises have suggestions to adapt them to beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Although Hitch Fit is an online fitness program, it does not host exercise videos on its website, but you can check out its YouTube channel to watch short exercise clips that demonstrate proper and safe techniques. The company lacks a mobile app, which is a problem if you want to take your workouts on the go. While Hitch Fit provides online personal training, the website lacks resources for tracking your progress and stats, so you'll need to find other tools for this. Hitch Fit does have a Facebook group, and it also has a blog and group support.

The trainers provide personal support via weekly emails. Once a week, you need to contact them with statistics of interest, like your weight and waist and hip measurements. You also tell them how you are feeling, what's working or not working for you, and any special considerations, like an upcoming vacation. They get back to you with changes to your plan or words of support.

Hitch Fit's strength lies in its specialized routines. If you're interested in something more specific than general health, you can easily find a workout routine and diet plan to meet your goals. Some of the plans give you a way to follow a healthy gluten-free diet or to gain muscle mass, and the site still has programs for general weight loss and fitness. It also has special discounted programs for married couples or pairs of friends, and a couple's option for the Bridal Bootcamp program so both can get in shape for the wedding.

Once you purchase a plan, you own the workout video. This means you can continue to follow different exercises long after the initial program is over, which is great for maintaining the healthy habits you build.


Hitch Fit offers a lot of specialized programs and personalized support so that you can find a workout routine and diet plan to meet your specific fitness goal. The trainers are qualified, enthusiastic and experienced. Although it lacks some of the online capabilities most other services have, most notably a mobile app and tracking tools, it's an excellent choice for specialized, one-on-one attention.

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