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Yunmai Premium Review

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PROS / An unlimited number of users can create a profile and sync the scale to their Android or iOS devices.

CONS / The app doesn’t track food or calorie intake.

 VERDICT / The Yunmai Premium smart scale is easy to set up and start using with enough information collected and stored to help you reach your personal health goals.

The Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Smart Scale scored perfectly in consistency was nearly perfect in our accuracy test. It comes with a handy app that is easy to set up, making it one of the best bathroom scales we reviewed and our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner.

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  1. We tested how accurate each smart scale is by using weights and assigned it a score.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 3 Yunmai
  3. 95%
  4. 95%
  5. Category Average

Scale Measurement Capabilities

When we tested the Yunmai bathroom scale, we used several weights that ranged from 1.25 to 50 pounds. We also used several volunteers to step on the scale to record their own weights. We weighed each tester and set of weights three times in rapid succession in order to test for consistency. We also had the volunteers step on the scale while holding the weights to see if the measurements went up accordingly. Yunmai was consistent in all of our measurement tests, earning it a perfect score.

We found while measuring the weights that the Yunmai was off by eight-hundredths of an ounce. This is so close to being perfect that we consider the Yunmai electronic scale highly accurate. In addition to weight, this home scale also measures body mass index (BMI) and body fat. It can record and keep measurements for up to 16 different users, which is one of the highest of the bathroom scales on our review.

App Capabilities & Tracking

The mobile app that works in conjunction with the Yunmai smart scale is easy to install and will automatically sync with the scale, so you don’t have to do much to set up the program other than provide your age, gender and height. Everything that the scale measures automatically records in the app. After enough information has been collected, you can view your progress in charts. However, navigating the app and finding these charts is a little difficult. There is a navigation tutorial as you first open the app, but it’s limited so you still have to figure out where to find some of the information on your own. This digital scale does sync with popular third-party apps including MyFitnessPal, Google Fit and Apple Health.


This bathroom scale looks sleek and comes in two different colors to complement many bathroom decor. It’s a little on the heavy side, weighing more than 6 pounds, but it is sturdy and doesn’t wobble when you step on it. The padded feet grip the floor, so you are steady while you stand on this bathroom scale. The digital face clearly displays the final metric in either pounds or kilograms.

Customer Support

One of the best features of the Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Smart Scale is its five-year warranty, one of the best in the industry. Its website has a FAQs section, a user guide and a blog with current articles and ideas to help you reach your goals. If you need one-on-one help, both email and telephone support are available.


The Yunmai Premium is one of the best smart scales we reviewed. It scored 100 percent for consistency and was only off by a fraction of an ounce when we tested accuracy. The app syncs quickly with the scale and is handy for keeping track of the bio information this scale collects. It is also compatible with popular fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal and Google Fit. The included five-year warranty is one of the best in the industry.

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