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Amazon Warehouse deals: What are they, and are they worth buying?

Amazon Warehouse deals: What are they, and are they worth buying?
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We are now in the middle of a deals frenzy, with offers flying thick and fast from a variety of retailers thanks to the kick-off of Amazon Prime Day 2020. But there's a little known section of Amazon's own website that could also be worth keeping an eye on right now: Amazon Warehouse deals. This is the bit of the website where you'll find  discounts on big-name brands across home, tech, personal care and audio.

But here's the thing: Amazon Warehouse deals center around products that have either been return to Amazon, fully refurbished, or that have a minimal amount of cosmetic damage but still work fine. Some of these may well be cheaper than the incoming Black Friday USA deals 2020, which makes them worth looking through, but they have much more limited stock levels. 

Amazon Warehouse products are still in good condition, but don’t meet Amazon’s criteria to be considered ‘new'.

How to buy Amazon Warehouse deals

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You’ll need to be quick with these, as Amazon Warehouse deals have very limited stock - sometimes just one listing of a product - and therefore sell out quickly. Somedays you may not find any products in the area you’re looking, while on other days there will be an abundance. Only you can decide whether it’s worth your time checking back for deals.

For example, some may have light damage to the packaging, while others may be missing user instructions. So, should you buy from Amazon Warehouse, or is it a risky move?

Here we discuss the pros and cons of Amazon’s ‘secret deals site’ and answer some questions you may have about Amazon Warehouse, the returns policy, the quality of the products and more.

What are Amazon Warehouse deals?

According to Amazon, Amazon Warehouse is the part of the website where you can ‘shop millions of pre-owned, used, and open box items.’ These include home computers and tablets, used and return kitchen appliances, cameras, Amazon devices and unlocked cell phones.

Products sold as Amazon Warehouse deals don’t usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but they are backed by Amazon’s standard policy or Renewed items policy (see below).

They’re also fulfilled, packaged and posted by Amazon. That means, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy free delivery on these items, same as you would when buying from any other part of the site. Amazon will also handle any returns and refunds. 

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Should you buy from Amazon Warehouse?

As mentioned earlier, one of the issues with Amazon Warehouse is that it doesn’t have as many deals as other parts of the website, and certainly couldn’t rival the likes of Prime Day or the best Black Friday USA deals. That's especially true with all of the shopping incentives Amazon has launched for Prime Day - we even show you how to get $150 Amazon credit ahead of Prime Day.

That said, from time to time some gems pop up in the Warehouse deals section, but these are almost always a one-product listing and sell out quickly. So you need to be quick when spotting a deal you like.

That also means you need to regularly check the Amazon Warehouse deals page just in case it has something you’re interested in. This could be up your ally if you enjoy scouring the internet for bargains, but for those who loathe shopping and just want today’s best price on the product you need, Amazon Warehouse isn’t for you.

Amazon’s product conditions listing also provides an idea of the overall condition of each Warehouse deal product. However, your idea of ‘like new’ might differ to Amazon’s. So if you’re buying a gift for someone, and want everything about it to be perfect, we’d recommend looking elsewhere.

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Still keen to learn more? Below we look at what else you may need to know about Amazon Warehouse. For those of you who are unsure, there are plenty of other deals to shop elsewhere. Here are some of our favorites…

Are Amazon Warehouse items returnable?

As you’d expect from the online retail giant, Amazon offers a competitive returns policy that extends to Amazon Warehouse deals. If you're unhappy with your purchase, you'll be able to return it for a refund within 30 days as per Amazon’s standard returns policy. On Renewed items you have 90 days to return a product. 

Or, if you’d prefer, you may be able to use the Amazon Warehouse replacements policy. With that you’ll be able to get a free replacement of the item you have bought if there is a product with the same listing condition on the Amazon Warehouse inventory.

What is Amazon Renewed?

This is Amazon’s big push at being more eco-friendly, as it focuses on selling pre-owned, refurbished and open box products. According to Consumer Reports, open box products are, ‘goods returned by customers, inspected by the retailer, found to be in working order, and re-sold at a discount, rather than returned to the manufacturer.’

The Amazon Renewed team inspects and tests the products so that they work and look like new before being sold on. Amazon states that its Renewed inspection and testing process, ‘typically includes a full diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, and a thorough cleaning process carried out by the supplier or by Amazon.’ 

Up close there may be some cosmetic imperfections, but nothing you’d see from a distance (when held 12 inches away, according to Amazon). Amazon Renewed products may also come in a generic box, rather than the original brand packaging. 

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Are Amazon Warehouse items used?

Many of the products sold as Amazon Warehouse deals have been used or pre-owned, while others have been unboxed but not used before being returned to Amazon. It’s easy to tell if a product has been used, as the product listing information will state this. 

The products go through a quality check before being sold, and Amazon uses a grading system (product conditions) to let customers know what overall condition the product is in. Remember, if upon receiving the item you disagree with Amazon’s description, you can return it for free.

Are Amazon Warehouse items good?

Amazon has developed a set of product conditions for each Amazon Warehouse deal product to give you an idea of their overall condition. These product conditions are:

Renewed – Items that have been inspected and tested by Amazon, or a qualified supplier, to work and look like new. Renewed items have no signs of wear when held from 12 inches away, but they might arrive in generic packaging. If the product doesn’t work as expected, you can get a replacement or refund within 90 days via the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Used: Like New – These are products that Amazon believes are in perfect working condition and contain all of their accessories, but are perhaps missing the original protective wrapping. They normally come in original packaging, but this may have some minor damage, such as scuff marks.

Used: Very Good – An item that has had limited use and remains in good working condition. You may spot some limited signs of wear, and the product might arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged and could be missing some accessories (these are highlighted on the product’s listing page). 

There are two other conditions, which we’ll cover below, but would recommend sticking to the Renewed, Used: Like New and Used: Very Good products, as these will be in better condition. That may not be important for all types of products though, or if you're only looking for a product that will be broken down for spare parts. 

Used: Good – The item shows wear and may have some cosmetic damage, but remains in good working condition. It might arrive in generic packaging, or in its original packaging that might be damaged. There may also be some missing accessories, tools or manuals.

Used: Acceptable – An item that’s fairly worn but works properly. These usually have significant signs of cosmetic damage, such as dents and worn corners. There may also be some missing accessories, tools or manuals.