Pros / The Heaven Fresh humidifier offers both cool and warm mist.

Cons / This humidifier does not have a built-in carrying handle.

 Verdict / With good levels of moist, clean air for your home and technology that cleans the mist before it settles on your surfaces, this is one of the best humidifiers.

Dry air can be irritating to your sinuses and make recovering from a cold take longer. A warm and cool mist humidifier like our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner, the Heaven Fresh HF 710, can alleviate the irritation your nose, lungs and skin may suffer by providing your home or office with a fine, pure vapor mist.

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  • Water Output
  • Humidification Area
  • Tank Size
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  1. How much water can be made into mist during a 24-hour period.
    more is better
  2. 2  Heaven Fresh
    3.67 gallons
  3. 1  Boneco
    3.5 gallons
  4. 1.4 gallons
  5. Category Average
    2.37 gallons


The Heaven Fresh HF 710 ultrasonic humidifier operates by using high-frequency vibrations that create a micro-fine spray. On its highest speed setting and when producing warm mist, this unit can put up to 3.67 gallons of mist into the air over a period of 24 hours, or 1.9 gallons on the cool setting. This efficient humidifier can moisturize areas as large as 650 square feet, making it great for use in your bedroom, office, or large rooms such as a den or family room.


The HF 710 functions as both a warm and cool mist humidifier, and you can choose which mode you want to run with the digital display controls. With these options, you can have soothing cool moisture on hot summer days and warm mist during cold winter months. This is particularly useful if you live in a place with extreme temperatures.

The cool mist mode makes this a good humidifier for homes with a baby or young children. Any humidifier with a warm mist capability can pose scalding risks to small children if the device is knocked over. Additionally, the unit has a timer function that allows you to set it to run from one to 12 hours at a time. In case the water in the tank runs too low, the humidifier is equipped with an automatic shut-off function to prevent the motor from overheating.

The built-in humidistat allows you to set your desired humidity level the same way you set your home's heating thermostat. You can adjust the humidity from 40 percent to 80 percent in 5 percent increments. This humidifier stops operating once it reaches or exceeds the established setting and resumes when the humidity level in the room drops below the desired level. If you do not want to bother with the settings, you can simply press the Auto button for the device to maintain humidity levels between 55 and 65 percent.


Unlike with some humidifiers, you do not have to shell out more money to replace the HF 710's wicks, evaporating pads or disposable filters. When you purchase this ultrasonic humidifier, you get a permanent, easy-to-clean, ceramic nanosilver filter. This significantly reduces mold and bacteria growth in the unit and helps control the white dust that ultrasonic humidifiers often leave behind with hard water use. However, while it is a permanent filter, you still need to clean this humidifier for it to remain effective. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the humidifier and its parts with white vinegar weekly if you use it every day.

One of the unique things about the design of the HF 710 is a split mist nozzle on the top that allows you to point the mist in two different directions. This is especially useful if you have more than one allergy sufferer or sick individual at home, or if you want to position the humidifier in a hallway and humidify two different areas. The HF 710 is very quiet, although not totally silent, so you shouldn't be bothered by the spluttering, gurgling sounds that many other brands create. In addition, the HF 710 uses little energy for a device that can run for hours – it uses less electrical power than a 40-watt light bulb.

Warranty & Support

Heaven Fresh covers the HF 710 with a limited three-year warranty, two years longer than the industry standard. This is reassuring, as you can expect to receive help from the manufacturer if you encounter any defects or problems with the model. Additional support is available on the company website, where you can download a copy of the product manual and find a toll-free telephone number and email contact information. You can also check out the company's FAQs page, blog and learning center for more information about its line of humidifiers.


The Heaven Fresh HF 710 humidifier offers the high-end features of the best humidifiers, like a reusable cleaning filter to purify your water and a split mist nozzle that works beautifully to direct mist in two directions. Additionally, the large water reservoir and mist output help make this air humidifier an excellent choice for people searching for relief from dry, dusty and allergen-riddled air.

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3 Years
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