Pros / This mold test kit offers three different test methods to detect any mold lurking in your home.

Cons / Mold Armor does not enable you to send physical samples of mold on small pieces of carpet or wall for analysis.

 Verdict / The Mold Armor Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit is an efficient kit that's easy to use, and the mycology report can help you determine if you have dangerous mold growing in your home.

An easy mold test kit gives you the simple tools you need to determine whether mold is present in your home and if it is a health concern. This test kit includes all of the necessary supplies, and its qualified laboratory can help you identify the exact types of mold growing in your home. However, you have to wait several weeks before getting your custom report. Despite the wait time for official results, Mold Armor Do It Yourself Mold Test earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award, because it offers multiple testing methods, a certified mycology analysis and it is easy to use.

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Test Capabilities

This mold test kit requires very little setup. When you get your test kit, you'll have to add the growth agar, also known as a growth hormone, to the petri dish and let it settle for an hour. After that, you can perform a variety of tests.

The easiest test is the settle-plate sample, which tests for mold spores in the air. Once you're ready to use your black mold test kit, you simply place the petri dish in a room and allow the particles in the air to settle in the plate.

You can also test for mold in your HVAC system, which is a usual zone for mold testing as growth colonies tend to form in those areas. Finally, you can use a cotton swab to test visible mold areas directly. All samples require at least two days to incubate and mature.

If you find mold growing in the dish after the incubation period, you'll want to pay for the optional lab analysis to see if the mold is harmful or not. Be aware, though, that it does not help you identify yeast, fungus or pollen in your home. Also, Mold Armor does not include a physical sample option that allows you to send a sample specimen of carpet, wall or fabric in for analysis.

Test Analysis

Mold Armor uses a fully certified mycology laboratory for its analyses. It is American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)-tested and approved. While its other qualifications are impressive, AIHA is an active certification process, so in order to maintain its certification, an AIHA laboratory is evaluated every month.

This certification guarantees that you get accurate results that you can then give to a mold-removal specialist. However, expect to wait three weeks or longer for your mycology reports. Mold Armor charges extra for lab testing, and the test results take the longest to return of all the test kits we reviewed.

Test Supplies

This mold detector comes with all of the supplies you need for the included test methods. Each kit comes with a petri dish, a growth agar and a cotton swab. Unfortunately, it only comes with one of everything. The instructions recommend testing both indoor and outdoor air, meaning you'll need to buy two kits to get a thorough sampling. Other mold test kits that recommend testing different areas in and around your home usually include two or more tests in each kit.

Help & Support

Mold Armor's online help pages lack the information and detail we expected of the best mold test kit manufacturers. The website includes FAQs that answer your basic questions, but it does not offer video tutorials. The site also lists customer support as available by telephone and email, but we had trouble connecting with the company through email. We were able to reach customer service over the phone and the representative was very helpful and professional.


The Mold Armor Do It Yourself Mold Test is an easy mold test kit that gives you a variety of sampling methods. The lab analysis takes at least three weeks to return a mycology report, longer than other labs we evaluated.


Mold Armor Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit Visit Site

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