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ScyTek Precision Pro 500 Review

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PROS / The car alarm also has a timer and alarm to track time at a parking meter.

CONS / The remote’s screen is small and difficult to read.

 VERDICT / We do not recommend this car alarm because of the terrible customer service options.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

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The ScyTek Precision Pro 500 has all the basic features we look for in car alarms including remote starting and a variety of sensors. The ScyTek car alarm remote is extremely small and the LCD display screen for all the menu and alert options is difficult to read. The manufacturer offers only very limited customer support and the website is difficult to navigate.

The ScyTek car alarms have all the basic sensor and remote features that other similar products offer. Whether it's a disturbance to your windows or someone trying to lift up your car to tow it or steal the tires, the ScyTek car alarms will notify you immediately. There are sensors for doors, windows and even movement in the car that trigger the siren to go off and a message to be sent to your remote.

The remote is too small to include a photo of your car when the alarm sounds. Most other similar products have detailed messages that will tell you very specifically what has happened to your car. The ScyTek car security system, on the other hand, only has a coded set of flashing lights that mean different places of your car have been tampered with. For example, four flashes means a door has been opened. This system is not effective and we highly recommend the Viper car alarm for an easy-to-use remote.

The ScyTek car security system has a starter-kill function that will stop the engine from running. After you receive an alert that your car has been tampered with, simply click the starter-kill button and the car’s engine will not be able to turn on. This can successfully thwart most thieves.

The remote start option is another extremely useful feature offered with these car alarms. You can start your car from inside and allow it to acclimatize before you enter a bitter cold, or sweltering hot car. To put the car in gear, you have to first insert the key. Also, the engine will turn off after a predetermined amount of time, unless you insert the key to the ignition.

The car alarm system has an assortment of smaller features that can be valuable. There is a trunk release, keyless entry and light deactivators included with the ScyTek car alarms. The alarm also has a timer for parking meters.

The ScyTek Precision Pro 500 car alarms can be overwhelming to use because they have so many features and the remote is small and difficult to read. The screen is much smaller than other similar products, and understanding the code to determine what happened to your car is extraordinarily complicated.

We don’t recommend trying to install car alarms because there are so many intricate parts and procedures. Most automotive repair stores and car audio shops will install the alarms for a reasonable price and it normally only takes a few hours.

The manufacturer’s website is difficult to navigate, the customer support options are limited and the response time was terrible. When we sent an email to the manufacturer requesting assistance with Scytek car alarms, we never received a response. We sent several follow-up emails with the same result. When we called the telephone number provided with our questions, the customer service representative took our personal information and told us we would be contacted with an answer within 24 hours. We never received a phone call back.


The ScyTek Precision Pro 500 has a large feature set. The security options are extensive and your car will be protected with Scytek car alarms. However, the remote is small and difficult to use. And the manufacturer’s customer service options are dreadful.

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