Pros / Frame Boutique has many different types of frame styles, including retro, classic, sporty and wrap.

Cons / If you need trifocals you will have to look elsewhere.

 Verdict / Other sites offer larger quantities of each style type, but this will be nice if you want help narrowing your options for more of a boutique shopping experience.

Frame Boutique has nowhere near the selection that you will find on the top-ranked stores in our eyeglasses online reviews, but this site has a carefully curated collection that may offer just the right fit, especially if you value a high-fashion look.

This online eyeglasses store offers most of the different types of frames we searched for, including options for adults and children. Frame Boutique has styles like rimless, half-rim and sunglasses, though not in the quantities offered by the top providers. The frames they have are broken down with a navigation tool on the left side so you can first select for men or women and then narrow your search by brand name, color, material, type, shape or style. A dropdown menu allows you to filter by most popular and price range too.

Even with all of that choice it was still harder to find certain types of products on this site than it was on others. For instance, searches for "rimless" and "half rim" on other sites yielded hundreds of options, but with Frame Boutique we only found a handful of those frame styles, and only after looking at multiple pages. That was the case with most frame types on this site – they were harder to find and there were fewer of them. The frames they have, though, are attractive and will appeal to those with an up-to-the-minute sense of style.

Frame Boutique offers most of the lens options we were looking for, except for trifocals. It is a minor drawback that there is no lens tinting capability with this online prescription glasses site. Tinting is not critically important but can be a nice detail for sunglasses.

This site offers free shipping on all orders and a relatively fast turnaround time. It lacks a virtual try-on option that would allow you to upload a photo and get an idea of what the glasses might look like on your face. But you have a very long window – 365 days – to return glasses for replacement if they do not work out.

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Frame Boutique offers fewer options in general than our top competitors and specifically lacks lens tinting and trifocals, but there are still some very attractive frames on the site. The collection of frames has a chic and modern sensibility that will appeal to many.

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