Pros / This teeth whitening system is very comfortable to use.

Cons / There are almost no support services.

 Verdict / The whitening results are not very strong, but there are still enough tools in the set to make it an easy experience.

Dr. Song is one of the most comfortable teeth whitening kits we tested, and we are disappointed that the rest of the package does not live up to the expectations we had for it.

With only three days of treatment, Dr. Song has a fast, painless process for teeth whitening. The whiteness of our testing participant’s teeth only rose 10 percent over those three days, however, and that is less change than we saw with half of the teeth whitening at home products we tested. Our testing participant also reported a decrease in whiteness during the days following treatment. The mouthpieces fit easily over the teeth, so the whitening gel hit all the visible areas of the teeth, but its effects did not last long.

For a teeth whitening gel that has no sensitivity reducers, Dr. Song is admirably comfortable for its users. In our testing, there were no blisters during or after the treatment, and it had a pleasant, barely noticeable taste. The gel also lacked the burning sensation some teeth whiteners cause for the gums. There was no discoloring on the gums either, or on any other areas of the mouth. The comfort level is easily the best part of the Dr. Song teeth whitening system.

The tools are another strong part of this teeth whitening kit, with additions you would find in some of the best at home teeth whitening products. Dr. Song has a whitening light, mouthpieces for the top and bottom that are moldable to your individual bite, and syringes with the correct amount of gel for each treatment. This makes it easier for you to get the correct amount of gel into each mouthpiece during each day of treatment. The two tools it lacks are a shade guide and a whitening pen, neither of which are crucial, but the set still does not feel totally complete without them.

The help services Dr. Song offers are nothing special, with only an email address for customer questions and a set of instructions in print and on the manufacturer’s site. There is no company help line, no FAQs page and no social media presence for information or customer interaction. If you need help or more knowledge about the product, the support services won’t get you far.

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  • Percentage Change in Whiteness
  • Days of Treatment
  • Number of Comforts
  • Number of Tools
  1. How much the teeth whitener improved the participant’s teeth on a scale of whiteness from 1 to 10.
    More is better.
  2. 5  Dr. Song
    10.0 %
  3. 20.0 %
  4. 20.0 %
  5. 20.0 %
  6. Category Average
    15.0 %


If you want a comfortable teeth whitener with a serviceable set of tools, this fits those needs well. However, the results do not last long and the help services are far from top-notch, so keep the product’s shortcomings in mind when you decide whether to buy it.

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