Pros / The support services are thorough with social media and instructions.

Cons / The only tools provided are syringes for applying the gel.

 Verdict / Opalescence does not have the stunning results you can find elsewhere, but it will whiten your teeth one shade and keep them white for a relatively long time.

Opalescence is a teeth whitener kit with the resources to keep you well-informed about the product, but does not have nearly enough benefits or the strong results of many other choices for teeth whitening at home.

The best teeth whitening kits can make your teeth a few shades whiter, but Opalescence only gives your smile a boost of one shade – just 10 percent whiter than when you began. It also takes two weeks of treatment to reach this shade, which is long compared to the other teeth whitening kits we reviewed. The best part of its performance is the gel’s lasting effect. In our testing, teeth stayed the same shade of white for weeks after ending the treatment weeks.

The comfort level of Opalescence is very poor. Our testing participant had blistering on her gums after just one day of treatment, and she had to reduce the amount of gel she used for each treatment in order to make it bearable to use. The gel contains no sensitivity reducers, and it was very uncomfortable, causing soreness on gums even after the blistering stopped. The taste of the gel was initially pleasant before the burning sensation began to take over.

Opalescence has one of the most disappointing tool kits of any teeth whitening package we looked at. Even though it requires mouthpieces to use the gel, no mouthpieces are provided. You have to buy top and bottom mouthpieces for yourself in addition to the Opalescence kit. There is also no whitening light or whitening pen, both of which can be very useful in mouthpiece-using kits. No shade guide is provided either. The only tools are the syringes, which had amounts that hurt our participant's teeth if they were used in full.

Opalescence has totally serviceable help and support available. There is an email address for customer enquiries and a FAQs section on the website with basic facts about how to make use of the product. There is also social media to follow and instructions in both the package and on the site. The only missing support service is a phone number.

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  • Percentage Change in Whiteness
  • Days of Treatment
  • Number of Comforts
  • Number of Tools
  1. How much the teeth whitener improved the participant’s teeth on a scale of whiteness from 1 to 10.
    More is better.
  2. 7  Opalescence
    10.0 %
  3. 20.0 %
  4. 20.0 %
  5. 20.0 %
  6. Category Average
    15.0 %


Without the necessary tools to even begin the teeth whitening process included, Opalescence leaves a lot to be desired. You'll need to purchase mouthpieces separately, and the gel is harsher than others. However, it does a passable job at getting your teeth a shade whiter.

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