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Pearl Brilliant White Review

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PROS / The support services are very user-friendly and include social media and direct company contact.

CONS / The tools are sparse, with no whitening light or moldable mouthpieces.

 VERDICT / The lasting results and blister-free gel make up for a less-than-intense change in whiteness.

This teeth whitener may not pack the punch of some of the more intense teeth whitening kits we reviewed, but it still has the support services and comfort to warrant your consideration if your teeth need just a little more shine.

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On our shade guide, our testing participant’s teeth only showed a 10 percent improvement from the beginning of treatment to the end. The treatment lasts five days, and even though seeing a difference in that short of time is impressive, it still does not measure up to the results of the best teeth whitening at home products we tested. The participant’s white teeth showed a lasting effect that went beyond the initial treatment time, so the product will give you a long-term whiter smile, even if it is not intensely whiter than before.

  1. How much the teeth whitener improved the participant’s teeth on a scale of whiteness from 1 to 10.
    More is better.
  2. 7 Pearl Brilliant White
  3. 20%
  4. 20%
  5. 20%
  6. Category Average

Pearl Brilliant White has a relatively good level of comfort during the treatment process. Out testing participant did not experience any of the blistering some products can cause, and the gel had a pleasant, clean taste. The lack of sensitivity reducers in the gel results in your teeth feeling sensitive after using it, which can be uncomfortable and disruptive to eating colder foods shortly after treatment. You should be aware of how much sensitivity your teeth can endure if you already have sensitive teeth.

The package of tools included in the kit is pretty scant, with just a top and bottom mouthpiece along with applicators containing the amount of gel for each treatment. The kit lacks a whitening light, which explains partly why the treatment only resulted in the participant’s teeth turning one shade whiter. There is also no shade guide by which to judge your teeth before and after treatment. The mouthpieces are not moldable, which makes the absence of a whitening pen for hard-to-reach areas even more noteworthy.

The support services add a lot to the set, with both a help line and a customer email provided by the manufacturers, Nordstrom’s Tanda. Nordstrom is also on social media, with Facebook and Twitter accounts. A lot of the advertisements on the company’s Twitter account are spam, but you'll find some genuinely helpful suggestions for hygiene and products. The site also provides written instructions and videos.


Even though Pearl Brilliant White does not have the stunning results or package of some other services, it is still comfortable and the manufacturers provide informative help services. Overall, Pearl Brilliant White does a good job of adding a little polish to your smile.

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