Pros / The improved whiteness lasts beyond the initial days following treatment.

Cons / There are no mouthpieces provided with the whitening gel.

 Verdict / Philips NiteWhite performs teeth whitening enhancement capably, but it does not have the support services or tools the best systems include.

Despite the lasting effect this teeth whitener leaves upon your teeth, Philips NiteWhite does not have nearly enough features to add heft to an otherwise serviceable addition to our lineup of the best teeth whitening at home kits.

Philips NiteWhite treatment lasts two weeks, which is longer than most of the other teeth whitening products we reviewed. In our testing, teeth were 10 percent whiter than before, which is solid but unspectacular. The gel is snug on your teeth, with no running during treatment. The whiteness also lasts well beyond the gelling process, which is crucial if you want a whiter smile long-term.

The comfort level on Philips NiteWhite only extends to the taste, which is bland and clean upon initial application for each day of treatment. Our testing participant reported slight blistering during treatment, and a burning sensation afterwards that took time to subside after rinsing. The gel does apparently contain sensitivity reducers, but it still resulted in our participant’s teeth feeling sensitive immediately following each treatment. Even though a product that packs the chemical power into a gel should be expected to give users an odd feeling, this teeth whitener was uncomfortable even by normal standards.

Even though there are syringes with allotted amounts for each day of treatment, nothing else comes with the kit. No whitening light is provided, which is usually a huge help for making your teeth whiter with less chemical assistance. No whitening pen is provided for darker or harder-reached areas, either. There is also no shade guide, neither in the package nor on the site. The biggest concern we have is the lack of included mouthpieces for either your top or bottom teeth, which means you will have to find on your own from either a drugstore or your dentist.

The company offers good support services, with both an email address and phone number provided for customer assistance. Instructions are also included in the kit and on the manufacturer’s site. The only drawbacks are the lack of social media and a FAQs page, which decreases your access to view and give customer feedback.

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  • Percentage Change in Whiteness
  • Days of Treatment
  • Number of Comforts
  • Number of Tools
  1. How much the teeth whitener improved the participant’s teeth on a scale of whiteness from 1 to 10.
    More is better.
  2. 8  Philips NiteWhite
    10.0 %
  3. 20.0 %
  4. 20.0 %
  5. 20.0 %
  6. Category Average
    15.0 %


The support services and change in whitening are strong enough to earn our recommendation for anyone who wants a cost-effective teeth whitener, but Philips NiteWhite does not have nearly the comfort level or tools to rank among our very top choices.

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